• August 2023 | Qigong Movement & Meditation Practice |  LIVE ONLINE


    An Online Global Gathering for Qigong Healing and Practice. Qi Circle is guided by an expert Qigong healer and teacher. Designed to empower you, support your healing, help you truly embody the wisdom of Spring Forest Qigong, and create a Qi-filled lifestyle.

  • August 21st | Deep Transformation Healing Meditation |     FREE ONLINE

    Free Deep Transformation Meditation

    8:00 PM US Central Time

    Receive a FREE Online Healing Meditation Each Month!

    30-minute guided Qigong healing meditation,  led by our most experienced qigong healers, designed to take you deeper into yourself for deep healing and deep transformation. Every month, we open our weekly Deep Transformation Mediation to the World!


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