• January 20-22, 2024 | Intensive Healing Retreat ONLINE |US CENTRAL TIME ONLINE

    3 Days of Intense Healing with Master Chunyi Lin

    Experience the Extraordinary, as Master Chunyi Lin hands you the Key to Unlock your Body's own Healing Wisdom. During these three days you will not only learn the "Root Cause" of your health challenges, but you will learn simple, but very effective Qigong techniques to help you continue to heal after the retreat.

    Three days of healing, immersed in Master Lin’s loving energy – for those who need it most.

  • February 17, 18 & 24  | Qigong Master Gadu Doushin | CENTRAL TIME ONLINE $399

    SFQ Level Three- Becoming a Powerful Healer

    Advanced Qigong Healing Techniques, Qi Developments, Qigong Principles, and Healing Principles.

    This online Qigong training is qualified as the "in-person" requirement for Energy Healing International Qigong Certification.

    Continuing Professional Education: 12 Contact Hours


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