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  • September 21, 2019 | Master Lin's 1-Day Retreat in Chicago, IL

    in Chicago, IL

  • February 23-28, 2020 | Spring Forest Qigong Level 5 Retreat

    Going Beyond... with Master Chunyi Lin

    in Oceanside, California

    In this retreat, you will learn how to activate your higher level inborn gifts to help yourself and others to heal. In these higher levels you will truly discover who you are and what you are. In these higher levels you will discover how powerful you are, so that in these higher levels you can more completely connect yourself with the universe.

    Certificate of Completion is provided. This retreat gives 6 re-certification credits for SFQ Certified Professionals.

  • June 14-17, 2020 | Intensive Healing Retreat

    Spend 4 Days Learning from Master Chunyi Lin

    in Minnesota

    Master Chunyi Lin will share his secrets of helping people heal. Combining over 20 years of real-life healing experience with thousands of years’ of wisdom from ancient teachings. Master Lin loves to talk about the preventive health benefits of practicing Spring Forest Qigong. Even for those of us who don’t feel our best, its simple techniques can bring balance back to our lives. But what about those of us who might be going through something bigger, more challenging, or more intense? At our office, we have served thousands of people in the midst of the most intense health trials. Sometimes it takes many trips to visit Master Lin to get through these times. That’s why we are offering this intensive retreat – four days of healing, immersed in Master Lin’s loving energy – for those who need it most.

    This event gives 4 re-certification credits for SFQ Certified Professionals.


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