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Serving our global community, Spring Forest Qigong has created membership programs that empowering you to continuous study, practice, and advance in Qigong. Qigong is a life style, a connection to oneself. These programs will enable you to use ancient wisdom to build a life of peace and health in the hectic modern world. Immerse yourself in group healings, inspiring seminars, and more.


Benefits at Each Tier


As a Spring Forest Qigong Member, you'll enjoy the best Qigong teachings, healing, and deep practice anywhere in the world. Get the most out of your membership with exclusive benefits at each tier.





Chunyi Lin, Qigong Master

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone


You think differently. You feel deeply. There's a burning light within you that can banish any darkness. But on your own, it can feel like holding a match up to a dark maze. 


When you’re an SFQ member, inspirational wisdom and loving energy is always there for you. Bringing light and warmth. Breathing consistent guidance and strength into your heart and mind. Helping you grow that inner flame of yours. So that you can brighten your path, brighten your life, and brighten the world. With ancient wisdom, love, and companionship, SFQ members navigate that maze of modern living together. 





Qi-Talk Videos



Every month, a guest speaker or a Qigong Master will give a Qi~talk at our Open Community Meeting, sharing insights, tips, and applications for Spring Forest Qigong practice. The talk is video recorded for our members all over the world.

Qi-Talk Video Library contains entire archive of historic Qi-Talk videos.



Global Online Live Healing Session



Accessible via phone or internet, the Global phone healing connect with the powerful combined energy of hundreds of Love Radiators for a session of pure healing. Join us by phone and feel the energy of a Qigong Master fill your body with peace, love, and health. Event held live monthly.



Qi-Full Living Newsletter



Stay up to date with Spring Forest Qigong while you enjoy Master Lin’s Q&A column, real-world lifestyle advice, and inspiring stories. The Qi~full Living Newsletter is not only a work of art, but it is a work of heart.



Heart Wisdom Live Teleseminar



Join SFQ Master Glenn Tobey as he teams up with other SFQ Masters, Instructors, and Healers to share their wonderful insights on topics connecting with our day-to-day living, the ongoing practice of Spring Forest Qigong, leadership, and working with new students of SFQ.



Deep Transformation Live Healing Session



Weekly Monday evening Live session to send you healing energy. Remove your energy blockages. Perfect for anyone who is seeking healing.



Healing Connection Live Teaching Online



 Online teleseminar by Master Chunyi Lin. Accessible by phone or internet. Four live sessions per month. The best way to learn from Master Lin and asking questions. He will guide you in Qigong meditation each time, receive his healing energy at the comfort of your own home.




Equinox and Solstice Meditations



Four (4) Solstice and Equinox meditations that Master Lin performs during these powerful energy times of the year.



Annual Pricing Option



Divine Connection Members can save $298 per year by choosing the Annual Payment Option. Paying for 10 months and get 12 months of membership benefits.



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Vitality Membership

Vitality Membership




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Heart Wisdom Membership

Heart Wisdom Membership

$20 Monthly

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Deep Transformation

Deep Transformation Membership

$64 Monthly

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Divine Connection

Divine Connection Membership

$149 Monthly

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$1,490 Annually

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