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Spring Forest Qigong - Awakening the Master Within
Spring Forest Qigong - Awakening the Master Within

"Special Edition" of Awakening the Master Within
for Higher Vibration and Deeper Qigong Training

Are These The Final 8 Sessions?

Yes, you read this correctly.

The final 8 Higher Energy for Enlightenment in the Awakening the Masters within Series are available now.

Is perfect healing with qigong meditation possible?

You have been sharing with me that the deep meditations I guide are providing a perfect healing meditation experience.

I found this very interesting so, what is happening here? Why is qigong meditation (or movements) the best practice to achieve perfect healing on all levels? And how does it work?

Well, energy is constantly shifting in the dynamics of the world we live in. With the evolution of modern technology – computers and smartphones, keep people more and more busy working in their office or at home. Without enough exercise and time to relax and regenerate, the energy levels become weakened.

As you know ‘energy cannot be created nor destroyed,’ however, it can be transformed.

Practicing qigong meditation and movements open the door for holistic perfect healing.

The purpose for the higher healing for enlightenment program is for you to practice qigong meditation and connect on a deep, deep, deep stillness level within.

A perfect healing heals the body physically, mentally, and spiritually at the same time. It is in that space when you are in alignment with the higher vibrational energy where healing is possible at the same time on all levels. Isn’t that amazing?

Deeper penetration of self can benefit you in so many ways...

In each of the calls I will continue to share with you the deepest insights I have been given to help you to penetrate higher vibrational levels.

As I guide you in meditation from my private meditation room, you will build stronger connections to your masters. You too can achieve this level of perfect healing. Deeper and penetrating meditations take you to places that you have never experienced.

There will be specific intentions during each of the higher healing energy & enlightenment sessions to support you in finding your place of stillness, so you can enjoy insights that come only through deeper meditation.

We meditate together as a group and I will be working with you and on you, your energy vibration will be higher than ever before.

Are you ready to discover your inner wisdom?

Do I need to have completed Level 3 and 4 to attend?

Actually, if you are interested to meditate in the higher vibrational levels and like to join you are welcome, also if you have not completed Level 3 and 4.

Why would you join me for the last 8 of the higher healing for enlightenment?

Qigong healing meditation is beneficial for every aspect in your life. Whether you have had a stressful day or want to release pains and or just want to penetrate into deeper levels of your meditation.

An additional plus is that when we meditate together the beautiful collective energy builds up and is so powerful it may amplify your experience even more.

What is the format?

The format remains the same:

30-minute presentation
90 minute deep, special focus meditation
2 Higher Healing & Enlightenment sessions per month.

Start date: Monday Sept 14, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Access: Phone & On-line - Replay & Download On-line

"Special Edition" of Awakening the Master Within
for Higher Vibration and Deeper Qigong Training

September through December 2015

8 Classes

Class Ended











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