December 3  | Founder & Grandmaster Chunyi Lin |  FREE ONLINE

'Energy Forecast of 2023'

Join us every month, as a special guest speaker, shares with you their personal insights into the practice of Spring Forest Qigong.  SFQ is more than just movements and meditations, it is a way to enhance the quality of your life!

Free Deep Transformation

December 19th | Deep Transformation Healing Meditation |     FREE ONLINE

Free Deep Transformation Meditation

8:00 PM US Central Time

Receive a FREE Online Healing Meditation Each Month!

30-minute guided Qigong healing meditation,  led by our most experienced qigong healers, designed to take you deeper into yourself for deep healing and deep transformation. Every month, we open our weekly Deep Transformation Mediation to the World!

December 29 | Qigong Master Glenn Tobey |  FREE ONLINE


Join Master Glenn Tobey on Thursday, December 29 @ 7 PM US Central Time  as they team up with other SFQ Masters, Instructors, and Healers to share their wonderful insights on topics that will Guide you Back Home to your Heart, connecting with our day-to-day living, and the ongoing practice of Spring Forest Qigong.

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