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Intensive Healing Retreat with Master Chunyi Lin

Intensive Healing Retreat | June 14-17, 2020 | MN

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What Our Past Clients Are Saying...






Why Intensive Healing Retreat


If anyone truly understands significant physical and emotional pain, it is Master Chunyi Lin. As a young man, he suffered greatly with significant physical injuries and life-threatening depression, until he found miraculous healing through Qigong. This wonderful healing opened up his heart to unconditional love, and a vision to help others heal just as he did.

Master Lin has devoted his life to helping thousands of people all over the world heal from serious health conditions – many who come to him as a last resort for healing, when conventional methods are not working by themselves.

“Miracles” are commonplace at Spring Forest Qigong.






Picture This


Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by the unconditional love and concentrated healing energy of Master Lin for 4 days. In your mind’s eye, see him hand you over the key to unlock your body’s own healing wisdom. By learning simple techniques to restore and balance your energy, you will raise up your vibration for faster and more effective healing. Now imagine that it is you writing the testimonial about your miraculous healing.






Healing from the Root Cause


Discover how to get to the root-cause of your challenges and transform those energy blockages from the deepest level, so you can live with more energy, love, and perfect healing.


These Qigong healing secrets go way beyond "Energy Healing", "Alternative Healing", and "Holistic Healing". This is the type of healing you MUST HAVE if you want a long-term, sustainable, root-cause level of healing.





Learn how to use Spring Forest Qigong techniques to help yourself heal

Helping heal both symptoms and the root causes of symptoms

Unlock your healing gifts

You will be equipped with true wisdom that will help you realize the power of your energy and why you were born a healer. You will know exactly what to do from the inside out.

Be fully immersed in the present moment

Treat yourself to a three-day healing experience with Master Chunyi Lin and many of his advanced SFQ Masters and Master Healers



Retreat Highlights


Learn Master Lin's secrets

20+ years of secrets in helping people transform cancer energy. Combining real-life healing experience with ancient teachings.


Personalized Healing Remedy

Receive Master Chunyi Lin's easy-to-use healing remedy personalized just for you.


Totally let go!

Be in the moment and be in Master Chunyi Lin's healing energy for 4 days.


More healing!

This retreat is designed for you to experience concentrated healing energy from Master Lin and many of his advanced Spring Forest Qigong Masters and Master Healers.

Raise your vibration!

Any kinds of suffering - whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual - could mean that the vibrations are low. Master Chunyi Lin will be helping you using his special Qigong techniques to bring your vibration much higher than you normally can.


The unconditional love! 

Surround yourself in the unconditional love of Master Chunyi Lin and his personally appointed advanced healers. This is the energy that will help you transform!


Experience the transformation! 

You will be equipped with true wisdom that will help you realize the power of your energy and why you were born a healer. You will know exactly what to do from the inside out.





What Others Are Saying...*


“Last October I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. My left kidney was removed and while 'the margins' were clear, I was at a higher risk of it spreading because the tumor was connected to the main renal artery that supplies the blood to the kidney.
In March, my scans were suspect. I had multiple new nodules in my right lung and one in my left lung. My oncologist determined that it was best to wait another six-eight weeks before doing any procedures. I was told to 'go home and live my life.'
That was when the Retreat email showed up and I decided an Eastern medicine approach to healing was what I needed. Based on the information I learned at the Retreat, I changed my diet (not perfectly but much closer to what was outlined for us), I did a 3-day water fast (was miserable but felt wonderful after it was done) and I have been doing QiGong level one (once a day) and Small Universe (once a day)...working my way to two times a day for both.
Two weeks ago I went back to The Cancer Treatment Centers of America for my scans and the look on my Oncologist face was priceless! There were no nodules seen in either lung! She said she was so surprised she made the radiologist walk through the scans with her. She told David and I she did not have an explanation! But I knew I had one!
I am so very grateful I was able to attended the conference and I am grateful for all of the love and support I have received.
Gadu encouraged me to share my story and I want to share my story because I believe it can be your story too! I truly believe that Spring Forest QiGong energy clearing methods along with all of the wonderful healers at SpringForest created the foundation for me to kick my cancer cells to the edges of the universe.
With gratitude, love & light,

“Dear Master Lin,
When I returned from the retreat, my surgeon called and wanted to start me on radiation, after two months of no communication. I said no. He scheduled me for a CT scan for May 2nd. Compared to the February 1st PET scan, this new CT scan showed no new areas of concern, and two previous spots had disappeared.
Thank you!
Lilyan Vang; Heron, CT”

“Dear Master Lin, 
Thank you for offering the cancer healing sanctuary this past weekend. It was so very wonderful to meet you in person and receive this healing. I wanted to let you know that when we arrived in Denver last night we went to bloodwork at the hospital ( For Terry). Her blood counts have come up!!! Her white blood count has improved and bumped up for the first time in weeks. Everything else looked awesome. No transfusions were needed. This is good news beyond words. There is only time now for gratitude and joy. Thank you Master Lin.
God Bless,
The Smith family...Michael, Jen, and Terry” 

“First and foremost "THANK YOU" for lending your time and self to the Wednesday sessions after the cancer healing retreat. Please extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who have been leading these sessions. I look forward to Wednesdays and they give me that added "push" I sometimes need to do the practice regularly. They are a wonderful gift from all of you!

I have been back to M.D. Anderson in Houston in the past couple weeks and received good news. My PET scan revealed no cancer detectable. Hallelujah!!! Will return back to Houston in August for more followup after continuing my chemotherapy throughout the summer. Hoping to head to Minneapolis before August to have some private sessions in between my bi-weekly chemotherapy.
Peace and Blessings,




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