Energy Harvesting Meditation

December 21, 2022 at 7:00PM US Central Time



Take advantage of this special time of energy transition on our planet Earth, as Master Lin guides you into a Deep Internal Qi Refinement Meditation to Cultivate, Balance, and Strengthen your Qi, preparing you for the upcoming seasonal change.

Regardless of your location in the world, you can still take advantage of this important time of transition of the energy on our planet.  This is a very special time to connect with your Master and learn the lessons of the season



What's Included?


  • Brief overview of the Solstice and how to utilize these powerful energies on this special day for your own healing and spiritual growth
  • LIVE Guided Meditation by Master Chunyi Lin, using powerful visualization techniques, that will work to harvest the energies of this special day and to harmonize your body with the messages of the new season.
  • FULL Downloadable Recording Included so you can listen at any time that is convenient for you, or listen throughout the year to revisit the powerful energies of this special day. Energy healing is information, and message healing. When you listen to the replay again and again, you will get the same powerful energy as if you listened to it LIVE. Each time, when you do it more, you tune in more and you are able to connect to a higher level of vibration, and access that power, to connect yourself to the Universe.

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December 21, 2022 at 7:00PM US Central Time



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Why Join the Solstice Meditation?

  • Cultivate these powerful energies for your own healing benefit during this important transitional time in the energy of our planet.
  • Connect with the High Vibrational Energy that comes from a Qigong Master. Not only are we able to get into the emptiness faster, but we are better able to let go of doubts and trust that we are harvesting the maximum benefit for our healing.
  • Strengthen your Qi Field. The more people that come together the stronger the Qi field, as each of us co-create this collective Qi that amplifies the vibration of our whole being…and that is the power of a coming together as one
  • Bring Balance and Harmony to our Body, Mind and Spirit for Increased Vitality as we fine tune our body's energy for the upcoming seasonal changes





What is the Solstice?   


To understand the significance of this day, we first must understand Yin and Yang energies at the most basic level. Everything in the Universe is energy, and energy takes two fundamental forms: Yin and Yang.

These two energies are opposites that are in a constant state of transformation. When they come together, they create everything in our Universe. Yin and Yang always try to stay in balance, but the solstice represents a time of year when one of those energies is at its peak.  If we know this, we can harmonize with those energies to keep healthy and stay happy.

The changes in the varying strength of these two key types of energy (yin & yang) affects the balance and harmony of our own energy. The better we harmonize with these ongoing changes the stronger our own energy will be to keep us healthy and happy.

In Qigong practice, we heal in the light. This is a time of the great passage of light.

As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere observe the shortest day of light, those in the Southern Hemisphere are marking the longest day.





In the Northern Hemisphere?

For those living in the Northern climes, the swing of the pendulum makes the coming Solstice the most Yin day of the year. It is a beautiful time to reflect on the past year, and on the year to come. What would you like to do differently in the next year? It is also a time to nourish and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Eat good food, and honor the cycle of winter by slowing down, sleeping, and staying warm. Those of us in winter, can celebrate the solstice by enjoying the silence and stillness and finding the deep wisdom in that 

In the Southern Hemisphere?

For my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, Yang energy is in full bloom! We are experiencing the Summer Solstice, when Yang Energy is strongest. 

Yang energy is active, so this means, there is an abundance of energy, expanding, growing, and interacting. It is a beautiful time for strengthening your health. It is also a very good time for putting into action your dreams and goals. To celebrate this energy, now would be a wonderful time to go outside, be active, and enjoy all the good things that summer brings--Trees, flowers, blue skies. Remember to smile.




Meet Master Lin


Chunyi Lin, Qigong Master

For more than 25 years, internationally-renowned Qigong Master and multiple-bestselling author Chunyi Lin has been healing, teaching, and speaking to individuals, businesses, and large audiences to help them unlock their healing power – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Through his profound and powerful learning and coaching programs delivered around the world, Chunyi has reached hundreds of thousands of individuals with a life-changing positive influence. His knowledge and expertise in using Qigong and other ancient wisdom to heal is both broad and deep, whether attested by his personal enlightenment and meditation retreats, his intense Qigong Healer and Instructor certification programs, or his long experience teaching Qigong, energy healing, and the principles of healthy, Qi-full living and eating.

Chunyi has dedicated his entire adult life to growth, change, and inspiration. His life mission is “A healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering.” He is deeply committed to QIGONG HEALING as an unparalleled tool for creating deep, long-lasting transformation in people. He has spoken to groups as large as 4,000 and in more than eleven countries around the world.



Frequently Asked Questions


I can't make the LIVE event, is there replay available?

Yes, you can replay or download the recording after the event! The recorded session will be posted in "My Universe."  Just click here to login to your Spring Forest Qigong account. 


I am new to Spring Forest Qigong, I haven't taken any training yet or practiced meditation before. Can I still join this event?

Yes, you can. In fact, this is a great time for you to experience the power of Spring Forest Qigong. All you have to do is sit or lying down comfortably and follow the guidance of Master Lin. He will explain in simple language, specifically designed for you to feel your Qi.


How do I access the live meditation event after I sign up?

Watch for the confirmation email after you signed up (check your promotion/spam folder to make sure you receive it). Your credentials to login into the website will be created and emailed to you. You can join the event by login to the website. The event link will also be provided in the reminder email.


Can I still listen to the Equinox Meditation a month or two later? Even though the energy is different at that time?

Absolutely! Energy healing is Information healing, Message Healing. When you listen to the replay again and again, you will get the same amount of energy as you listen to it LIVE. It is a special aspect of Spring Forest Qigong.

It's just like, when you do the Butterfly meditation or the Five Element Healing Movements,  Each time when you do it more, you tune in more. You are able to connect to a higher level of vibration, and access that power, to connect yourself to the Universe. 


How often does Master Lin leads these public meditations?

Master Lin leads these public meditations each year during the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice.




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