Weekly Deep Transformation Healing Meditation | Online Series

December 2020


Qigong Masters Jaci Gran and Gadu Schmitz lead a weekly live Healing Meditation on Mondays at 8:30 PM US Central Time. As you follow the guidance of the Master into the deep emptiness, the Master will send you healing energy and remotely work on your challenges. This program is designed for people who are experiencing physical, mental, or spiritual challenges and are seeking healing from the energetic level. This weekly live healing meditation program has become a part of the “regular” routine for many friends of Spring Forest Qigong.


Live 30 minutes long weekly healing meditation is easily accessible by phone or internet. The Deep Transformation Healing Meditation is one of the many benefits you will receive in Spring Forest Qigong's Deep Transformation Membership.



December 2020 Dates


December 7

with Master Jaci Gran

December 14

with Master Gadu Schmitz

December 21

with Master Jaci Gran

December 28

with Master Gadu Schmitz



Masters in Qigong Healing


Qigong Master Gadu

Master Gadu Schmitz (Katsushi F. Schmitz) has been practicing Spring Forest Qigong since 2008, and was awarded Qigong Master in 2017 by Master Chunyi Lin.  He resonates deeply with Master Lin’s motto: “Everyone is born a healer” and he brings Spring Forest Qigong to communities where empowerment is needed. He currently works at Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center personally chosen by the creator and founder of Spring Forest Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin as a staff healer.

Master Gadu’s favorite thing about the healing process is to see the beautiful hope and confidence that his clients leave with after a session. “I am grateful for the understanding and energy of Qigong which empowers others to heal and live full of hope and joy.”

Gadu graduated from the University of MN with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. He is a dancer/choreographer in the Twin Cities where he has been sharing his creativity for over 20 years. He teaches and performs Subbody Butoh locally and internationally and is a Tao Shiatsu Level 1 practitioner.


Qigong Master Jacqueline Gran has been passionate about energy and the energy transformation and art for as long as she can remember. She has been practicing and studying Spring Forest Qigong since 1999.

At the Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center, Jaci oversees our Initial Appointments, offers Qigong and Qi~ssage healing appointments. She is one of Spring Forest Qigong Masters leading regularly scheduled Healing Circles with Qigong Healing Movements.Jaci is continually called upon to speak about the power of qigong in everyday living and illness recovery to local groups, and conferences throughout the world.

My passion is to help people explore who they are with Spring Forest Qigong so they can peel back the layers to discover their creativity, their unbounded love of life.”

In 2015, Jaci Gran was awarded Spring Forest Qigong Master by Master Chunyi Lin, the highest award honoring an Qigong Practitioner.



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Deep Transformation Healing Sessions

Deep Transformation Healing Sessions

Weekly Monday evening Live session to send you healing energy. Remove your energy blockages. Perfect for anyone who is seeking healing. Come together every week to go deeper into the stillness, Qigong healing meditation is healing from the root cause, it is healing from the inside out.

Heart Wisdom

Join SFQ Master Glenn Tobey on a monthly call as he teams up with other SFQ Masters, Instructors, and Healers to share their wonderful insights on topics connecting with our day-to-day living, the ongoing practice of Spring Forest Qigong, leadership, and working with new students of SFQ.


Global Phone Healing with Qigong

Global Phone Healing

A powerful monthly Qigong distance healing that will fill you with positive healthy energy.  You don't need to be in our healing center physically. Join the global healing community to multiply the vibration.

Qi Talk Videos

Qi~Talk Videos

Monthly Qi~talk videos, where SFQ Guest Speakers and Qigong Masters share their wisdom and beautiful energy.  Priceless Qigong learning opportunities and wisdom deliver to your membership area.

*Access to entire Qi~Talk video library with Heart Wisdom, Deep Transformation, and Divine Connection Membership.

Qi-Full Living Newsletter

Qi~full Living Newsletter

Filled with educational Qigong articles, inspirational healing stories, Master Lin's answers to your questions! Energy food recipes, the best Qigong practices and tips.  It is not only a work of art, but it is a work of heart.

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