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Join the Global Healing Room!

"Now is the time for all loving hearts to join together from around the world and give their pure love to life and to everyone who calls out in need."

-- Chunyi Lin, founder of Spring Forest Qigong


Love Heals

Love is who we are. It’s around us. Within us. And part of the energetic resonance of life.


Join Master Chunyi Lin and all of us at Spring Forest Qigong, as we bring forward physical, emotional and spiritual healing in this FREE Global Healing Room. Experience the joy of opening your heart to higher levels of wellness.  To boundless joy.


One Minute of Love

Healing transcends time. Love transcends time.  Cancer can heal in an instant.  Depression can lift in moments.  And bone or cartilage can repair itself almost instantly. Imagine what is possible when millions unite in intention—sending loving energy for just one minute every day.


At Spring Forest Qigong, we believe that all of us were, Born a Healer.  So we invite you to enter the Global Healing Room now. Send love to everyone there. Receive their love in return. And open to miracles that are waiting to unfold.


Everyone is Welcome

If you’ve been searching for ways to heal we encourage you to experiment and discover Love’s healing power.


There are No Limits

You are welcome to be in this Healing Community as long as your heart desires. There is no charge. No fee. This Healing Room is given as a glad free gift.


Please feel free to post your Global Healing Room experiences in this blog.


Join the Global Healing Room Community!

Experience the healing power of love in your life, body and heart. Join with our community of like-hearted visionaries from around the world in community, healing and oneness.


Once you submit a name you will be taken to our Global Healing Room Star Field where the name you entered will be added as a star in the Star Field. Place your cursor over any star and it will reveal the person’s name.



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