Annual World Blessing & Meditation Event

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Healing and Awakening
in the Highest Vibration of Collective Consciousness


Merge with the collective consciousness of history’s great spiritual masters, join your healing energy with the light of more than 100,000 souls from all corners of the world to create a powerful healing vortex of unconditional love. When all these energies combine, the whole world benefits.  Enlighten the hearts of many and Transform the energies to Love.





Broadcast Live Daily | January 8 - 14, 2023 | Twice A Day for 7 Days

Take 30 minutes each day for chanting and blessing – for yourself, your loved ones, the new year, and the world! Join the session that works best for your time zone or join both sessions each day. Let's meditate together with the sound of Tibetan Monks chanting for a world without suffering!





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Free for All Beings





Start the New Year Energized and Full of Potential!


What you do for the world, for your business, for your relationships, and for yourself matters!

When we all come together with love in our hearts and share our loving energy with each other, the outcome is something out of this world – something so powerful that it will leave you feeling happy, loved, protected, healed, and truly at peace with yourself and the world around you. Welcome the new year surrounded and supported by the energies that will help you achieve your heart's desires.



Masters In Blessing



150 Years OF Chanting and Meditating Combined


Between Master Chunyi Lin and the three Tibetan Monks, they have total of over 150+ years of chanting practice.





We Have One Universal Goal

To turn around the rising tide of disconnection in the world and, through renewed peace and love, reconnect to what truly matters to us.





Setting Your Intention for the New Year


Using ancient Chanting to Experience the Power of Your Intention


Spring Forest Qigong Master Chunyi Lin has always said that the sound of ancient chants can lift one's spirit towards the higher self.  These chanting and sound elements of the Tibetan language are penetrating and liberating. In the recitation of Tibetan ancient chants, the sound is very important, for it can bring transformation in you while leading you to power and strength.

The sacred chanting of Tibetan chants combined with Master Chunyi Lin's guided meditation provides us with the power to attain our goals of a safe, healthy, prosperous 2023, and lift ourselves from ordinary to higher levels of consciousness. They give us the power to help heal diseases; clear karmas; enlightening our hearts and transform our lives.





How Do We Bless the World? The Time is NOW


A World of Love Radiators Start with YOU

By taking the initiative to be a LOVE RADIATOR, one person at a time. Join Master Chunyi Lin and more than 20,000 people from around the world, as we come together online starting January 8, 2023.







Join one that work best for your time zone, or join both sessions each day.


Each of the ancient chant carries thousands of years of high collective consciousness as it was chanted for thousands of years by teachers and masters of the past. We have chosen these chants because they are meant to bless every areas of our lives. Health, prosperity, love, relationships, business, career, long longevity, and enlightenment. Listening to the live chants by three Tibetan monks and follow Master Chunyi Lin's guided meditation each day for 7 days to bless you, your loved ones, and the world.


Sunday, Jan. 8 | 7AM & 7PM (US CENTRAL TIME)

A Prayer for All Living Beings

Monday, Jan. 9 | 7AM & 7PM (US CENTRAL TIME)

The Diamond Sutra

Tuesday, Jan. 10 | 7AM & 7PM (US CENTRAL TIME)

The Heart Sutra

Wednesday, Jan. 11 | 7AM & 7PM (US CENTRAL TIME)

The Grand Compassion Sutra

Thursday, Jan. 12 | 7AM & 7PM (US CENTRAL TIME)

The Longevity Sutra

Friday, Jan. 13 | 7AM & 7PM (US CENTRAL TIME)

The Medicine Buddha Sutra

Saturday, Jan. 14 | 7AM & 7PM (US CENTRAL TIME)

Transforming All Negative Karmas Chant





What do You Want for 2023? FREE 7 Days Blessing Meditation is for YOU



For the upcoming new year. The healing energy is needed by our world now, join Master Chunyi Lin and the Tibetan Monks for the 7-Day Blessing Meditation for the New Year 2023. They will send you and your loved ones protection energy for the New Year.


Ask the Universe, and the Universe will respond to you!

With the combined energy of You, Master Chunyi Lin and the Tibetan Monks, you will create blessings for the ones who are in your heart.


Peace and love for a new world. Because we are all connected and we are one, sending peace and love for the world will help you tap into the highest healing power, the unconditional love!



Cultivating your unconditional love and spiritual energy by sending peace and love to the world, you will realize how powerful it is for yourself in addition to the world!


Powerful Healing Energy. Between Master Chunyi Lin and the Three Tibetan Monks, the combined chanting power is 150+ years! The healing energy is going to be phenomenal.


It is completely Free. Just sign up and receive the details to join the live streaming meditation in your email. Easy! No fuss!





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Free for All Beings





What Past Participants Are Saying


Thank you, Master Lin. The blessing was such a powerful, healing meditation this morning. It is always so peaceful and high vibration to share with you and the world. I especially love the green light surrounding our planet topped with the golden light of love and healing. PEACE


Renee G. Weinberg

Thank you Master Lin and all the Monks and people all over the world!!! Let us feel the unconditional Love connection to each other I pray!


Kim Mountjoy

Hello, Chunyi lin and the tibetan monks, I experienced in my minds eye, a gentlemen holding his palms toward me as he was spinning in a circle, he appeared to be in some type of classroom, some spiritual being somewhere, I could feel a intense sensation of energy, plus both I am my cats experienced the strong vibrations from you the monks chanting, and from the collective consciousness of all the people, thank you for this day two blessings, everyone


William Russell

Many thanks of gratitude and appreciation to Master Chunyi Lin and the three monks for this wonderful blessing for myself, my family and the world love and hugs to all


Dee Felder

Blessings to you all - very powerful first chanting meditation down under, with gratitude.


Kerrie Counihan

I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of this beautiful and powerful healing event sharing it out to all living beings and this beautiful planet and it's resources. Thank you Master Lin and Tibetan Monks for blessing all of us. May this unconditional love we send out be a truly amazing source of healing for all. Namaste!


Julie Moncur Draayer

Love and blessing to each of you! I was worried when a link to listen did not come in email as I signed up on Dec 11. As the hour drew near this evening I decided I would meditate anyway and signed up again. Then a link finally arrived. I joined late. Hopefully the links will continue. I was glad to pay so the monks will receive a portion of the fee. Thank you again!


Sarah Clulow Schwartz

Thank you Master Lin, the Tibetan monks and the staff at Spring Forest Qigong for this opportunity to help and heal ourselves and our world. Experiencing the chanting and the loving energy was immediately soothing, calming and transformative on a deep level. I am so grateful! Peace and Blessings!


Leanora Winters

What a brilliant way to start the new year! Thank you for the amazing experience to connect with universal unconditional love. Blessings to you all!


Christine Louise Hohlbaum

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