Annual World Blessing & Meditation Event

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Broadcast Live Daily | January 7 - 13, 2024 | 7 Ancient Chants for 7 Days 

Join us LIVE each day starting on January 7th at 9:30AM Central Time

Each day, we will embark on a guided chanting session led by Master Chunyi Lin and our Tibetan Monk Friends. These ancient chants each carry a resonance of blessings and positive vibration for different areas of your life.

During these 7 days, these ancient Tibetan chants will become a purifying force, cleansing the Qi in your home, creating an environment of tranquility and protection.








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Free for All Beings







It's not just a Global Meditation, It's a Global Blessing 

A Worldwide Blessing that not only Blesses your Life but, Brings Blessings to Every Corner of our Homes and the World, through the Power of Collective Intention.

By participating in this collective intention-setting, you are actively contributing to a shield that deflects negativity, allowing you to navigate the uncertainties of life with greater ease.

When 100,000 souls from all corners of the world join together, a massive healing Qi Field is generated. In this field, profound healing takes place.

No matter where you are in the world, let’s come together as one global family and co-create a world filled with love, compassion, and understanding. 

Your voice matters, your home deserves it.





Using Ancient Chanting to Experience the Power of your Intention


These chanting and sound elements of the Tibetan language are a powerful form of meditation practice that have been used to bring about healing since the beginning.

Chanting is the act of saying a phrase over and over again, sometimes in a singsong tone, while one is in a relaxed state. 

As we chant, we create vibrations that resonate not only within ourselves but also in the energy around us. These vibrations have the power to release tension, clear blockages, and restore a sense of peace and protection in your life.

All sounds start from the heart. Once you chant the sound, the vibration goes directly to the organs. You don’t need to worry about how to get this sound and or frequency into the organs, your body’s qi is so intelligence it does this for you! 

These ancient chants have been specifically selected, because they each carry a unique frequency of healing meant to bless every area of our lives. Health, prosperity, love, relationships, business, career, longevity, and enlightenment.











Masters In Blessing



150 Years OF Chanting and Meditating Combined


Merge with the collective consciousness of history’s great spiritual masters! Between Master Chunyi Lin and the Tibetan Monks, they have total of over 150+ years of chanting practice. The Healing Energy is going to be Phenomenal!

Each of these ancient chants carries thousands of years of high collective consciousness as it was chanted for thousands of years by teachers and masters of the past.




Broadcast Live Daily | January 7 - 13, 2024 | 7 Ancient Chants for 7 Days 

Join us LIVE each day starting on January 7th at 9:30AM Central Time

Whether you're an early riser or catching up later, this is an event you won't want to miss. But, we get it – life happens. That's why we've got you covered.

We've got a replay waiting for you. Join in whenever it suits your schedule, and dive into the magic whenever you're ready.

Replay will be available until 7:00AM Central Time the following day. 










Receive Additional Personalized Healing


Even though this event is FREE for everyone to join, if you would like to receive even more personalized healing attention, outside of the 7 Free Guided Sessions, consider this offer... 

For just $97, you will receive extra healing for ALL 7 Days of Blessings.  

For those who are looking for more healing and more blessings, you have the opportunity to utilize over 150 years of combined chanting energy focused solely on blessing your life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Day and night, Master Lin and the Tibetan monks will bring you and your loved ones energetically into their healing healing circle for 7 Days, personally working on your unique challenges and wishes for the new year – or those of anyone or anything you would like. All week long! 

Traditionally, one might save up a long time just to have one monk say prayers for one day. Here, we have several monks saying prayers for 7 days, plus Master Lin sending Qi for 7 days. Even one day of this is very, very powerful for healing and transformation.  

You can also purchase a special personalized healing for your loved ones, for your pets, family, or even someone who is already moved on.




Purchase Additional Healing

Note that one day of meditation healing with Master Lin is generally $95, so this is a “deal,” considering you have the monks, too. 


$97 Per Person for ALL 7 Days! 

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Personal Healings at discounted price are Valid ONLY for dates of the event (1/7/24 -1/13/24)




What do You Want for 2024? 



Cultivate and Strengthen your Qi as it creates a High Vibration of energy within you, resonating through your body, home, and even your workplace.

A raised vibrational frequency can stimulate creativity and enhance productivity. As you participate in the daily blessings, you may notice a surge in inspiration, innovative thinking, and a renewed sense of purpose in your personal and professional endeavors.



During these 7 days, the ancient chants become a purifying force, cleansing the Qi in your home, creating an environment of tranquility and protection. These Blessings offer Protection from any energies that may not be in Harmony with you Qi Field. Feel the shift as your living space becomes a sanctuary, shielding you from stressors and providing a space for relaxation and rejuvenation.





Cleansing and conditioning the Qi in your home during the 7-Day Blessing aligns the energy around you with abundance. This alignment can attract positive opportunities, prosperity, and a sense of fulfillment into your life.


The high vibrational energy generated during the 7-Day Blessing can positively influence your interactions with others. As you radiate positivity, you may find that your relationships become more harmonious, understanding deepens, and conflicts resolve more smoothly. 




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Free for All Beings









What Past Participants Are Saying


Thank you, Master Lin. The blessing was such a powerful, healing meditation this morning. It is always so peaceful and high vibration to share with you and the world. I especially love the green light surrounding our planet topped with the golden light of love and healing. PEACE


Renee G. Weinberg

Thank you Master Lin and all the Monks and people all over the world!!! Let us feel the unconditional Love connection to each other I pray!


Kim Mountjoy

Hello, Chunyi lin and the tibetan monks, I experienced in my minds eye, a gentlemen holding his palms toward me as he was spinning in a circle, he appeared to be in some type of classroom, some spiritual being somewhere, I could feel a intense sensation of energy, plus both I am my cats experienced the strong vibrations from you the monks chanting, and from the collective consciousness of all the people, thank you for this day two blessings, everyone


William Russell

Many thanks of gratitude and appreciation to Master Chunyi Lin and the three monks for this wonderful blessing for myself, my family and the world love and hugs to all


Dee Felder

Blessings to you all - very powerful first chanting meditation down under, with gratitude.


Kerrie Counihan

I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of this beautiful and powerful healing event sharing it out to all living beings and this beautiful planet and it's resources. Thank you Master Lin and Tibetan Monks for blessing all of us. May this unconditional love we send out be a truly amazing source of healing for all. Namaste!


Julie Moncur Draayer

Love and blessing to each of you! I was worried when a link to listen did not come in email as I signed up on Dec 11. As the hour drew near this evening I decided I would meditate anyway and signed up again. Then a link finally arrived. I joined late. Hopefully the links will continue. I was glad to pay so the monks will receive a portion of the fee. Thank you again!


Sarah Clulow Schwartz

Thank you Master Lin, the Tibetan monks and the staff at Spring Forest Qigong for this opportunity to help and heal ourselves and our world. Experiencing the chanting and the loving energy was immediately soothing, calming and transformative on a deep level. I am so grateful! Peace and Blessings!


Leanora Winters

What a brilliant way to start the new year! Thank you for the amazing experience to connect with universal unconditional love. Blessings to you all!


Christine Louise Hohlbaum



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