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Master of Qi 2017 - Spring Forest Qigong Annual Conference

May 7-12  |  Master Chunyi Lin & Spring Forest Qigong Community | Double Tree Hotel, St. Louis Park, MN |  Super Early Bird $297
Building and strengthening your own energy and learning the many ways you can use qigong to heal yourself and help others heal. Energy healing is healing from your Soul. It is all about sharing unconditional love, forgiveness and kindness energy using Spring Forest Qigong techniques to help open blockages so the energy of your body or a friend’s or family member’s body is flowing smoothly and freely so healing comes quickly.

Wisdom Healing - 5 Days Higher Vibration Meditation Retreat

Spring Forest Qigong Level 4
August 13-17 | Master Chunyi Lin | North Shore Lake Superior Minnesota
This used to be called "Spring Forest Qigong Level Four Meditation Retreat", it is available to those who have solid understanding of Qigong and who would like to advance your healing power within. In this retreat, you will learn an even more advanced way to collect energy and techniques for spiritual healing. You will learn a special meditation, which is an ancient and powerful way to get rid of the blockages in the body. You will learn more about how to do long-distance energy detecting and healing.


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