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Global Healing Room Stories

Carla C. - I was sick real sick the karma is better been doing quigong ten minutes daily its changed my life and the healing room and free healing sessions. I can't wait Jan 14th for world peace chant healings. Thank you everyone namaste   01/03/2017

Anthony V. - Due to injury, my right ankle became deformed. I have always walked and run. Surgery would fuse the ankle with metal etc. YET, I need a healed ankle,so I can WALK & RUN again...and fulfill the DREAMS IN MY HEART. PLEASE SEND HEALING ENERGY AND PRAYERS FOR MY MIRACLE!!! THANK YOU   11/16/2016

Guang J. - The auto immune skin condition changed my life in an unexpected way, I didn't know the journey is both frustrated, painful, helpless ..... and rewarding. I thought I know myself, who I am, I am determined to turn around, fight the condition. until finally, i surrender ..... It opened up a whole new world, how I looked at myself , others, things happened to me, my childhood, culture, society ......The journey continues in finding my true self, how I relate to others, the environment, the purpose of life. A journey of returning to love! Sending my love to all beings in the univers.   09/23/2016

Betty W. - For the last 2 years I have suffered with anxiety and some depression due to PTSD... I want to heal...I want to allow myself to heal with love.   06/30/2016

Jeanne K. - I am thankful for the gift of "life" and all the magical things it offers. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and find I am even more grateful for the blessings life offers me. I want to be healed to experience more precious moments of this life and to share those joys with others who have lost hope or the zest for living joyfully!   06/22/2016

Rabia . - felt in love with the perfect man, but he fears to connect hisself more with me, he doesn't care, maybe he is afraid of love somebody again, wish that he could feel truely, even if it's not me.   04/05/2016

Sally I. - I am a cancer survivor, but I am also still just "me". I wish to become "me" again, fully. Anyone who's life has been touched by cancer or another tough illness, knows what I mean. I pray for blessings for this earth and for love to come alive in every person's heart. I am very thankful for God's blessings and healing for me, and all who are in need.   03/22/2016

Emmett L. - Overall wellness feel good   03/20/2016

Beth s. - I have major depressive disorder and have been suffering from this episode of 1.5 years. I've tried everything: electroshock therapy, TMS, and all sorts of combinations of medications. Because of my incapacity, my marriage is suffering. On top of the depression, I've just moved to a tiny town in the north woods into a house that I do not like (I use to be an interior decorator but no longer have the ability to even do my own home. PLEASE send out healing energy, I'm really getting desperate. Thank you and Blessings.   03/03/2016

Barbara S. - I'm so grateful to come to learn about Spring Forest Qigong and to have such amazing teachers. My healing is a challenge, but I keep going and am positive many days because I have the tools I'm learning from SFQ.   02/19/2016

Irina R. - I made an entry to the star field almost everyday for healing of a friend. It was rare to see any of my stars. On the day my friend was going to the doctor for an important appointment, I found about 18 of my stars in the field. When I spoke to my friend later that day, he had good news: the treatment was working and he was elated! Thank you everyone for sending your healing energy to him!   02/18/2016

Lori R. - I feels so heart centered. I can't stop smiling. I could feel the light radiating from me like a crystal. I feel heavy and sold from my core, but head is radiating out into the cosmos. I saw images of a child being swung around and spun on roller skates. I felt such longing and joy. I had to raise my hand as if to wave to the cosmos, to my friend's father, to my father, to the universe of holding so much joy and beauty. xoxo   12/13/2015

Thomas C. - I was a very active surfer and business person at the age of 28 when an accident left me quadriplegic in 1985. After many years searching and self abuse I'm returned to college and graduated in 2000. After finding my degree to be worthless 9/11 happened where my research skills proved to provide a tool to access truth and uncover lies. I owe much my environmental law professor DiMento for allowing me be on his research team. My life being paralyzed has allowed me to access the road to becoming a human, a Path described by the Lakota Sioux native Americans. We cannot Understand Life until we Understand Death! Truly, what the world needs now, Is Love!   12/12/2015

Ib M. - I was looking to the starry sky on the picture and felt my tension headache slowly releasing.   11/28/2015

Candace M. - I live in constant fear of everything, which comes from not thinking I am good enough. It has cause a chronic cough, which does not stop and causes me to be fatigue constantly. I come from a very difficult childhood which I overcome in many ways, but the panic attachs and anxiety is constant. I am so tired of living in fear, which is causing my body to be in so much pain. I believe in love, and animals are my cause, but now even that is so painful when I can only do so much. The stress in my job is overwhelming, as I don't know what is going to happen day to day. I want to believe that the universe will guide me. I would appreciate any love and energy sent my way, and I in return will forward it forward. I need help to overcome this fear, and let my childhood memories completely go. Thank you.   11/25/2015

Ann B. - I have depression   11/22/2015

Denise Z. - I am also new to qigong. I truly believe in the power of positive energy and the love we share with one another. I have dealt with chronic pain for years. I continue to keep moving. I was recently told I have sleep apnea. This was hard to accept. I would appreciate positive energy sent my way. Thank you for thinking of me.   11/21/2015

Marcia B. - Rt hip replacement Nove 9 2015 . I'm hoping to help my healing through the healing room and QiQong   11/21/2015

Sadhana V. - my own lack of love for myself made me realise that in my personal life experiences that most health conditions I had, I manifested with my negative feelings toward my father, this caused me much physical pain for a good 20 years as I kept giving my power away to others, asking them to heal at 44 I realise I can heal myself with love as it transcends all barriers, whether self imposed or otherwise. May your heart guide all of you to go within and truly love yourself and therefore love all living beings...onelove and light always xoxox 11/1/2105   10/31/2015

Rose K. - I have been suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and now autoimmune disease. I would greatly appreicate any healing I could receive. 10/29/15   10/29/2015

Angela S. - Possible serious breast health condition...both, especially the left.   10/25/2015

Patty W. - Hello, I ask for help in relief of this limitation on my right side, from head to toe. At different times it is very painful, at other times it just feels empty, I try to stay positive and keep moving and learning. I ask for help for myself in linking my soul again to the divine so I may have peace. I thank and send love and hope to all who scribe here, thank you. Patty   10/18/2015

Diana G. - For the pass two months, I have been experiencing panic attacks and severe anxiety. I have no idea why I'm having panic attacks, and they come out of nowhere. I'm just so confused, I feel like I'm going crazy. Please send some prayers and healing energy my way. Thank you Diana   10/04/2015

Annette N. - Hi all. I've got diagnosed with metastatic breastcancer. I'm doing chi qong everyday with my husband, and believing it's doing some good things to me. Sending love to everyone out there.   09/30/2015

Vicki L. - I am new to the healing room. I have bulging disks and bad arthritis in my lower lumbar. The nerve channel is pinched in two places causing the sciatic nerve in my left hip and leg great pain. I've been in pain since April and have had epidurals, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments but the pain continues. I would greatly appreciate you sending your loving, healing energy to me also. Thank you so much and God Bless you!   09/28/2015

Jean-Marie S. - My daughter, Jackie, is suffering from acute depression and anxiety due to her obsessive compulsive thinking. She is stuck in a prison of self hatred and guilt. Your prayers and healing are gratefully appreciated.   09/27/2015

Phyllis R. - Please send prayers and healing thoughts to my brother Bob to heal Speedily and visibly from his Tuesday Kidney stone procedure. He has a temporary stent as they could not remove the stone due to its location. He has been in much pain and is nauseated and has experienced Bleeding. Please may the stones Safely come out and may he recover Quickly and painlessly. He has to return Oct 6 to Hines VA hospital For follow up surgery. He is also on multiple blood thinners and is still Recovering from a massive heart attacks, stroke and blood clot from 2 years ago.'may you too be blessed and healed ASAP according to your needs. And thank you for your kindness.   09/25/2015

Winston T. - I have a friend who suffered from measles and now suffers huge depression because of his bad scarring all over his body. Because of that his self-esteem plunged. I would love it if you could send healing energy towards him.   09/25/2015

Maria H. - one of my best friend was going to have hip surgery, has a very difficult time walking and getting around, she as lost a lot of weight in order to make it possible. I recently visited her and she said the dr. said her hip his fine, however she has no muscle tone on her hips and thigh area on which she has to build up. she is such a beautiful lady inside and out and I hate seeing her in pain, I would appreciate loving prayers on her behalf. thank you , maria 9/24/15   09/24/2015

Patrice L. - Emotional healing.   08/14/2015

Barb A. - I am 55 years old. I had a hip replacement surgery on my right hip 3-27-15. I would be very grateful for healing energies and prayers for healing in my leg and muscles. Thank you!   08/12/2015

Rebecca A. - I broke my back 29 years ago and we later lost our only child to a drunk driver. I send love to our lost son, Joseph. I also seek to regain strength in my legs and be released from pain. Thank you for this incredible site as we pray for one another and extend healing energy to all who enter here.   08/11/2015

Michelle T. - I am a newbie to the world this of hope, healing and light. On my way now to a class and filled with hope! I shouldnt complain-my physical problems are so miniscule in comparison to others. I am physically disabled from being rear-ended at a younger age-but i know there was a reason & a purpose. I cant walk well & feel so lethargic, helpless & hopeless...but am on a new journey to find my new beginnings of love, light & desperately needed energy. To all needing hope-search & share.   08/11/2015

LINDA R. - I just lost a brother to cancer. I went to visit him daily while he was hospitalized.I was with him while he passed away. I'm going thru exhaustion and my dr. wants me to have an ultrasound because he said my thyroid is enlarged. My throat feels very constricted and tight. Any healing energy you can send my way would be appreciated. Thank you, linda.   08/05/2015

Terri n. - I have experienced hearing loss due to chemotherapy drugs and strong antibiotics and it has impacted my ability to communicate effectively unless I wear hearing aids. I welcome and am grateful for healing energy that will enable me to have hearing restored. Thank you!   08/01/2015

Sue S. - I pray and request all my prayers for my daughter.she 46 not married. She has fibroid in her utres .she is stressed out and has got adreanal fatigue . She is very unhappy. Please send your angles her way and keep her in your mind and in your prayers.god bless all .thank you   08/01/2015

Clare C. - Have been battling a chronic illness for over eight years. I am exhausted and despondent. I have approached the healing room to give me some hope and continued strength for healing. Thank you.   07/05/2015

Terry C. - I just signed into this group, and am looking forward to giving support and exercising my receiving support skills! I would love some help with healing my right ankle, foot and leg (to right at the upper shin). I am 18 months into healing from surgeries to repair a broken ankle and leg. Sending blessings and loving energy in advance to you all. Namaste.   07/02/2015

Julie W. - My first time in the healing room I could feel a strong tingling in my right hand. Felt peaceful. Thank you.   06/23/2015

Sue S. - I went into the Healing Room today because of a great feeling of sadness. During the first two minutes, I was able to cry and release a lot of the emotional pain, and I thank the Lord Jesus Christ and Master Lin for this healing. Then I stayed and found a number of people I wanted to pray for, so I wrote down some names. I especially want to send love and healing energy to Lena S., "cope with partner's terminal illness," which is what I was doing in April three years ago. You are in my heart and prayers, Lena! Count every moment as precious!   06/20/2015

Mary h. - Last year I asked your One Minute of Love healing room and Chuyni Lin to help a young man who sustained multiple fractures when 6.9 ton Ibeam crushed him at work. My many thanks to you all as he has progressed and the infection has gone with only mild residual pain in his left knee remaining. God bless you all for your love and healing energy.   06/19/2015

Karen M. - Please send healing to my sister Diane. The endometrial cancer she had 5 years ago has returned and has metastasized to her lungs and bladder. Thank you! Love and blessings to you all.   05/31/2015

Victor T. - Well, im from Mexico and id like to tell that i am really happy that i could find and learn spring forrest qi gong, this thing had taken me out of a very bad depression that i had from like ten or more years ago, this has been my solution to all my problems and i love the sense of awareness that i receive when i practice spring forrest qi gong, really from the bottom of my heart, thank you master chunyi lin for this great gift. Thank you.   05/21/2015

Patricia H. - patricia (pat) hebert I had a head injury about a year ago...It has started to impair my balance, thinking, etc. I would much appreciate your help giting back to "normal" Thank you.   05/17/2015

Joan T. - I pray for peace love and healing for all family friends and acquaintances that may be suffering due to unforeseen circumstances. My mother has finished her tests. The doctors gave diagnosed a mass that is in the thin membrane that covers her vital organs it is considered a secondary cancer (the name for abnormal cell growth). They are trying to id the primary source. We will know in a few days. Mom is more accepting than us. I pray for the strength to continue to be strong and support her during her trying time. I pray that she finds peace from the pain. Thank you everyone for your love and prayers.   05/17/2015

Susan J. - Please send healing, prayers and thoughts my way. I have cancer in pelvis and lungs. The type of cancer I have is Incurable. My husband had a massive stroke 7 years ago and needs 24hr care so I need to stay strong for both of us. Please keep us in your thoughts and send healing angels our way....xo   05/14/2015

Margaret A. - I pray and request all of your prayers for my daughter. She is 38 and a single mom of an 8 year old daughter. She has had 2 back surgeries and a neck surgery and is no better off or perhaps worse off than she was in the beginning. Daily pain and pain medications have taken the joy and energy out of her life. She can barely work 20 hours a week to earn enough money to pay her bills. I pray for her recovery from the pain and financial burden and wish her great joy in raising her beautiful daughter.   05/13/2015

Joan T. - I pray and request all of your prayers for my 90year young Mother. Two weeks ago she developed a distended stomach. It came on quickly. We as a family are caught off guard as we have been blessed that Mom has rarely been ill. She is going through a battery of tests. We pray that she may regain good health. I realize that the crisis of our Mother's ill health is to teach her children how to help one another. We forgot how along the way. We got lost. May we find our way though divine intervention and guidance. May all of us if lost find our way.   05/12/2015

Eydie K. - My beautiful 15 year old daughter is feeling lonely and excluded. She is having a rough time socially at school. I know she is being guided to feel loved and included, and to find her circle of true friends who will honor and be true to her. I am sending love and light toy daughter Love and light to all. ????????????   05/05/2015

Sally R. - My son recently returned home after 5 years away to continue his career as a professional sports person. He has a debilitating back injury and is possibly facing surgery, this is back to back following a knee reconstruction which means he has not been able to play his sport for 2 years now.He is lost, frustrated and doesn't know where he is with his life. My wish for him is to be able to realise his dream of completing his professional sports career, healing his body and releasing all negative limiting beliefs around these injuries of the past. 04/30/2015   04/29/2015

Barbara M. - I entered the healing room and immediately felt a glow in my chest and hands. I am healing from a viral infection: deep chest and head cold. I felt the universal oneness and love in this quiet peace filled space. I felt healing for all and gratitude. Thank you.   04/01/2015

Rosemary C. - For Sarah O. and her unborn child, recovering from surgery. Also for her husband, her son and daughter, her mother and siblings, her extended families, her friends and work colleagues and all of us who care about and love Sarah. May the pain lift and dissipate. May the healing be complete. May harmony and balance be restored. Gratefully.   03/27/2015

Gabriele J. - For my beloved daughter Alexandra. Let go bad things of the past, live the beauty of the present, love and acceptance for herself, health and happiness.   03/19/2015

Pegeen W. - I seek and affirm total and complete healing for cataracts and nearsightedness.   03/11/2015

Kathryn N. - My dear friend Rick has been suffering deeply with heart issues among others. His wife just called me with a beautiful report. Monday, Rick went to Stanford to schedule open heart surgery. They did another set of xrays along with an echocardiagram. The doctors were absolutely certain that they had the wrong patient as his heart condition improved so dramatically: from 20% all the way up to 50%! Marilyn never told Rick that he had been placed in the Global Healing Room, nor will she. His condition improved so much that they want to recalibrate his pace-maker, which they will do this week. He also has atrial fib (sp). Please help Rick to heal the atrial fib, which he has had for 20 years. This is a man who puts his faith solely in medicine. Thankfully, his beautiful wife, Marilyn, does not. I have shared Spring Forest Qi Gong with her and when she called me today I felt so overjoyed for both her and Rick! I know that Rick can receive a TOTAL healing. God Bless all of you for helping all of us! Much Love and Light, Kathryn 03/05/15   03/05/2015

Julie L. - I have been having problems in my relationship and recently been working on past lives. I just did the liver seminar with Chunyi and immediately came to the Global healing room not really knowing what to expect, I felt love immediately and it brought tears to my eyes, I focussed on receiving love and giving love. but the an image of a monk, my partner in a past life, he was my master and teacher and he left to go into the mouintains, I was distraught and upset at being left behind, but i held in the anger as it was unseemly to express the anger, I realised as I watched the scene that my master had belief in me that I was ready to take his place and he wanted to go into the mountains to pass away peacefully feeling one with the universe. If he had stayed to pass in the village with us we would have tried to keep him there. I sent him love, forgiveness and understanding in that lifetime and I sent my self love forgiveness and understanding and released it from my body and my liver. Tears of joy, at the amazing journey which has led me to chi gong, and other healing modalities. Thank you so much Chunyi Lin for this amazing room. Julie   03/03/2015

Tony P. - I care deeply about my brother Tom. We are separated by only two years, and growing up we shared so much - friends, experiences in our hometown of Cranford, New Jersey and years with our parents and family of 6 children moving to Los Angeles. Tom was a "sun worshipper" loving to lie outside in the California sunshine, and sadly developed melanoma cancer on his chest. This very large tumour was removed and he was cancer free for almost a year. This was not to last, and I spent Christmas day of 2013 with Tom at a local hospital in Los Angeles as the doctors saved him from bleeding to death when they cauterized a large artery in his leg. They called this a miracle. Three weeks before, I had placed his name on the Christian Prayer Center website, and believe this was what saved his life that day. I came across SpringForest Qigong through listening to a lecture on personal development by Jack Canfield, and believe that this was meant to be. Won't everyone reading this please help Tom, (an intelligent wonderful human being and a kind soul) to survive? He has developed cancer again in his chest so close to his heart as to be inoperable. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance in bringing my dear brother back to full and complete health.   02/19/2015

Stacy T. - Qigong entered my life in 2009 at a time that the best way I can describe it is to say I was in the process of awakening into my true Self. I fell asleep within myself somewhere around the age of 12. I like to think of it as my own Sleeping Beauty story with the kiss of my Spirit being the prince that awakened me. My slumber began when I found myself listening to the negative words around me rather than standing in the simple truth and innocence my heart was sharing and once asleep my teenage years through my twenties to nearly thirty years of age I experienced a series of difficult learning processes with Pain and Fear being my glorious teachers. From slowly shrinking in my sense of worth, the physical pain in my body with my lower back, three herniated disks and disk degeneration, loss of movement and nerve damage, loss of loved ones, to gaining a ton of weight and not recognizing the person in the mirror, toxic relationships and emotional damage, drugs and alcohol and the financial losses as well as lost friendships and mistakes that come with all of it. I lost almost everything including my will to go on. I silently saturated in the pain with a false smile on my face like a mask keeping the pain hidden and letting my fears guide me. My true identity lying in wait for the smallest glimmer of light to shine upon it and awaken loves presence and a whisper with that gently saying there is something here I am meant to do. Somewhere around 2002 it was that voice from deep within saying "Wake Up Stacy, Wake Up, Its time" that awakened the seeker in me to dig deeper into the pain and ask the tough questions like "Why am I here?" "What IS my purpose?" These were not questions that had answers immediately, but they began my awakening nonetheless. The journey back to myself took time and is not without its challenges on the road along the way but with each one came finding the courage to embrace my fears, to put one foot in front of the other no matter how big or small the step, unwind the ropes that kept me bound and Qigong was one of the divine gifts given to me along the way to help me connect to my Self, my Light, my Purpose and continue to embrace the ongoing journey to loves truth and of sharing that purpose today. I am grateful and humbled by what the painful experiences in my life have taught me, for those who I have been blessed to meet along the way. All of whom in one way shape or form have been teachers for me to learn from and have helped me to become the woman I am today. I do not take any of my life experiences good, difficult or otherwise for granted and while I still am learning and seeking now with Love as my teacher at this moment in time, it is these past experiences that broke me open and allowed the vastness of the love within me to flow freely, to find my true voice, my purpose and to experience the world around and within me in miraculous ways with new sight and gifts to share.   02/10/2015

Grayme A. - Diagnosed with COPD and enjoying every breath without needing medical support. Love and healing to you all.   01/30/2015

Sue L. - Qi gong has given me great peace and healing. I have come to understand a hirer level of spirituality   01/30/2015

Amy W. - Recovering from a lot of stress and anxiety with the help of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Getting my body back into balance. Praying for all of you with love and compassion for your healing and peace in your hearts.   12/30/2014

Christina M. - I have chest and lung problems. Recently I damaged ligaments in my wrist. Love also for my eldest son who us in addiction recovery.   12/14/2014

Jeanne M. - My son is improving from the stroke over 2 years ago. I had placed him in the circle of love a number of times. Now he can work a few hours a week.. He is too young for a stroke not even 50. Thanks for helping with his healing physically and financially. Money stress was a whopper for him. What a relief to see improvement.   09/16/2014

Sidney s. - I have been practicing spring forest qigong for about a year and half. I treat as an excersize programme, just to keep myself moving. I have CFS and it hasn't helped with that at all, but then nothing does. I have just used it for relaxation.   08/19/2014

Denis D. - I have just started to learn Qi ssage. And Qi Gong I live in Australia. It is hard to find other people who are interested in the same thing In Australia. I am just starting to learn to love myself. Love to everybody   07/28/2014

Barbara S. - For a long time I have not felt well. Was diagnosed with Hashimotos which means my immune system is attacking my thyroid. Feel that I am getting better from improved diet and supplements Also found out that my husband cheated on me long ago. He says he is sorry but I dont know if I can ever trust again. My heart is broken. I dont even know where to begin to let go of this hurt. Its so hard to feel love in any form right now. Can only feel it when I hug my dogs. Please send love, I need lots of it.   06/23/2014

Julie G. - My mother had lung cancer and Eaglest gave her great peace and comfort when she would see one. The morning she passed I was on the phone telling my work that she passed the night before. As I said that an Eagle flew down and sat on the pine tree branch. He wasn't five feet from me and I felt my mind & heart were opened to the universe. This was my mom's way of letting me know that she was OK and at Peace.   05/27/2014

Marie W. - I want to say how real and beautiful it is to feel the love radiating from the field of stars that each of you and those you have prayed for.have created I join you in sending my love to everyone. The power of Qi Gong and Unconditional Love   04/21/2014

Jasmine-Rose K. - I pray for a healing transformation of myself and of the multitude of others like myself who may be feeling forsaken and alone, who suffer with the myriad forms of the fundamental pain of existence. It is my deepest hope that we each may grow to understand in our own unique way and appreciate our predicament of being embodied on this planet at this truly extraordinary point in time; that we may be able to not only accept our destiny but also to somehow improve upon it in some honorable fashion that the symphony of life forces may benefit and respond in like kind. Like an echo in eternity, may the healing and transformation become contagious in epidemic proportion. May peace and wholeness spread like a luminous and cool wildfire awakening and renewing everything in its path. May light and laughter and wellness penetrate with ease and grace into all the days of our worthy lives.   04/12/2014

Gabriele J. - I wish all sufferers - whether human or animal - healing in body, mind and soul and send universal love, peace and happiness to them. May God and the Universe take care of all of us!   04/08/2014

Patty S. - I have Parkinson's disease. I am brand new to qigong but I believe it is the answer I've been searching for since I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago. I have tried many alternative treatments. I need direction. There is so much onto on the internet but I want to settle and focus on one.   03/18/2014

Orly M. - I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer 9 month ago. I had a surgery and going through chemo since without great results. I am a young mother for two girls that i love very much. I want to keep on living for myself and for my girls. There is so much goodness to experience and I am not ready to go yet. I send my love to all of you and except all your love to me.   03/06/2014

Sophie h. - Perfect piece of work you have done, this site is really cool with fantastic info .   03/06/2014

Marilyn S. - My precious niece and Godchild, Julie, has an aggressive cancer that has metasticized. She is 44, married happily and is the mother of 10 year old twins - a boy and a girl. We are heartbroken over this beautiful little family.'s situation. They are in need of your loving prayer. Thank you so much!   02/20/2014

Lilianne F. - I was treated for breast cancer with surgery , chemo and radiation. After breast cancer I developed lymphedema in my left arm. I pray for healing of the lymphedema and also to have permanent healing of the cancer so it does not recur. I also want to send healing energy to others that need it.   02/10/2014

Betty J. - I have been diagnosed with Leon sarcoma and presently receiving radiation treatments prior surgery. I ask for prayers and healing to release this excess energy in my body and hence bring my body to balance itself. Mahalo   02/05/2014

Joni L. - Please pray for healing for my granddaughter Kelly who is bi polar and out of control. Her real self is a beautiful soul. Thank you in advance for your prayers.   01/28/2014

Marilyn C. - I have been going to doctors for 9 months now over bad cataract surgery without much help. I have big problems with meds and can't take another one. I read many of the stories and realized that my problem may get better and to ask for help for my son who just had yet another back surgery. His feet are put together with staples and pins and his back is put together with wire, etc. and yet every day he is in pain. Meds, shots, and surgeries don't help. He, like me, needs to find a natural way of healing. He gets up every day and works to take care of his family. Pray for him for permanent relief and a pain free life. Thank all of you for your love.   01/21/2014

Sharon L. - Hi there, I'm a 64 year old Christian mother of 2 adult children 31 and 28 years of age. Recently diagnosed with soft tissue arthitis and Fibromyalgia...also suffer from loneliness even in a crowd room full of people...I've been doing QiGong and Tai Chi off and on now for roughly 5 years...when I chose medical field to combat my suffering I stay sick...doing the natural way I stay fairly healthy...I pray for guidance to be able to reach out and help others and bring joy, peace, love into their turn that will benefit my life...i look forward to learing more about ways to heal my body completely and live life to the fullest....thank you for this wonderful site...   01/11/2014

Melissa g. - My story is of no concern as compared to all the other ones I have read. My only wish is to provide my light to all of your with a hard life story. My problems of minor trubbles are pale in comparison.. So I just want to send you all some love instead of asking for to you all who suffer <3   01/05/2014

Pamela g. - My heart explodes with unconditional love, magnifying my aura and that of those around me.   12/30/2013

Jeremiah A. - Hi there, I have been practicing Spring Forest Qigong level 1&2 from the self study on learning strategies for almost 2 years now. The feeling I get from this goes beyond what I am capable of describing. Connecting to the infinite source is wonderful through it I was able to find faith and love. During my Sophomore year of high school, I was diagnosed with depression this went on until my senior year of high school where they changed my diagnosis to bipolar II disorder with severe depression. Everyday was a rollercoaster this lasted until 2011 in June when I had found out about learning strategies Spring forest Qigong healingfest I think it was called. Today I am now off both my depression and bipolar meds and am doing wonderful. Still trying to heal my astigmatism and hypothyroid but as chunyi has said, if not today tomorrow if not tomorrow the next day. Eventually I will be completely healed. Thanks for bringing hope and love, and I want to say divinity back to my life! :)   12/24/2013

Adine A. - Hi. new to this site. Have read the stories posted here and send my love to all of you. My aha moment before typing this was staring at the earth, star and light image on the one minute of love screen. Add a smile when looking at this picture and you can feel a tremendous shift of enery. Perhaps those with loved ones in need, can share this image with them. Namaste   12/01/2013

Georgina C. - Pray for my Brother William who has been under so much pressure for almost three years. He has tied so hard to do his best and now faces a major challenge tomorrow. Please send your parts to help him. Thank You.   11/27/2013

Ramon D. - Coming up higher every to day to a place of Peace, Love, Serenity, Understanding and Power. Realizing that to use the Light one already posses in sharing the highest with others is the goal of growth. The more one gives to others, the more one has to give =) Namaste   11/19/2013

Karen R. - "An Awakening" When I was diagnosed with Breast cancer a few years back, I reacted like most who receive a cancer diagnose; first thing came to mind was a "death sentence". However, I found out later that it was truly "an awakening" for me. I began questioning God, why would you do this to me? What had I done in life so bad to have this placed upon me? But instead of bemoaning my fate, I decided to look for the positive side of it. There has to be a reason for it all. I've past those five years for my first cancer. I also realized that I was about to face a new beginning, new hope, do and see more with a whole new prospective on life. When I think of the "gift of life" that was given to me, I know that I will develop and gain strength from all my experiences. After going through all that I did during my breast cancer period, I was left with, what the MD's called "Neuropatic Pain"; a severe nerve damage diagnose. The pain is usually with you all day; and it times worse then others. Later I was diagnosed with "Lymphedema". Of course I just kept smiling and saying to myself, "Oh lucky me". For a while, I wasn't happy with the way I looked around my breast area after my first surgery, nor the pain I had to endure each day, but I decided to snap out of it. Even after being diagnosed with another cancer (colon) a few years later. Which totally took me by surprise. I had already had my time with cancer, I thought to myself. Why another one? I even make jokes at times, while crying inside asking, "what am I", the cancer carrier? But even with the pain I have to endure through each diagnose, and all the struggles I've dealt with all my life, I still feel truly blessed. I think about the individuals that are no longer among us. I also realized that there will always be someone worse off than I am. I reminded myself, that I "still have my life" and who am I to complain. One day during one of my surgeries, I experienced something of a miracle and felt the compulsion to write it down. I turn that experience into a poem and I called it "Peace". Writing had become therapy for me. I took that poem, along with many others I had composed during my breast cancer period and placed them into book form. I was blessed enough to have that book published and it's titled "True Simple Poems of Life, Faith and Survival". I later had another inspirational children's book published and I'm working on my third. I'm hoping that anyone who has the opportunity to read my poems, get out of them, what I placed in all of them. My poems are from the heart, as real as any could ever be. With the words and phrases of each poem of statement, I wish to make a positive impact on someone who's ill or otherwise, where they could develop the strength to embrace life in a whole new way. I never anticipated becoming a writer, I just became one. I truly believe when you survive a horrific tragedy or a horrible disease as cancer, it's for a reason, "you have a purpose" and I want to live to find find out exactly what that is for me. That's what I'm all about now, inspiration. I would have never become a writer, producing inspirational poems and stories, if I had not gone through all that I did. I'm a true example that you can survive cancer not once, but twice, providing you catch it in time, have faith and allow that faith to direct your path. I've not saying all will be easy, but you must believe. Karen Rice x2 Cancer Survivor/Author Houston, Texas   11/05/2013

Sue E. - i am a 38 single mother of two fantastic children whom are now 19 and 17 i have spent most of my life suffering chronic anxiety n depression caused by negative thinking about myself due to situations in my life however during a recent CT scan a density has been found in my liver that i pray is not cancer i ask for thoughts and prayers of my healing regardless of what this density is in my liver i send each and every one of you unconditional love n wellbeing blessings to you all xxxxx   11/05/2013

Joel D. - My brother Paul can barely breath. He is all alone, and wishes very much to move his body so he may help others. I think he believes he won't live much longer, but I want him to believe the opposite. I'm talking to him about Qigong and love, but his condition is getting worse. Please send your positive energy and love, helping clear his lungs? And help him breathe unassisted. I believe that if he can do these things, he will make the world better place.   11/02/2013

Shannon m. - I have had major financial setbacks. I am still recovering from a severe accident a couple years ago. I broke my back in four places, lacerated spleen & a head injury that was just diagnosed this year. I work in the medical field providing care to my patients, doing surgeries working 50 plus hours a week for a very demanding surgeon. I am in therapy for my head injury. As a result of my head injury I have memory problems , chronic fatigue, upper/ lower back pain & migraines. I have been told that I need to cut back on my hours or I will never heal. I am not able to cut back on my hours because I am single & have to provide for myself. Also, I have a neighbor that has been harassing me for the past 5 years. Harassment has escalated. She is mentally unstable. I need to move because I feel unsafe. I do not have the money to afford another place. I am very grateful for any type of healing & relief from financial stress, worry and pain. Thank you for your kindness & generosity. God Bless   11/02/2013

Carmen n. - i have negative energy inside me. i feel a heavyness in my chest (my heart chakra ) and on my lower back. and a feeling of the in and out of the energy in my body. i would gladly appreciate your positive energy, thank you. 10/28/13   10/28/2013

Karen F. - Hello to everyone in this room. I am a 53-year-old wife and mother of 3 wonderful children. God has blessed me. I have been overweight my entire adulthood and am now experiencing pain in my legs and knees and back. I have been on a journey of discovery for a couple of years on energy healing, mainly EFT and meditation and visualization. Tonight I opened an email that led me to listen to Master Chunyi Lin, and that led me to this room. I have always identified my greatest strength to be that of giving love. Tonight, I read through most of these stories on this page and just put my palm over each one and sent my love and healing energy to them. I have felt a tingling warmth, almost pain, in my palm as I do it. I pray that is a sign that my healing is being sent to each person, along with my love. Thank you for your healing powers for my legs, knees, back and my excess weight. God bless.   10/28/2013

Tandra G. - Healing for Bi-polar, anger and forgiveness. Let her feel our love and heal in God's divine love.   10/11/2013

Annie M. - I have had 17 surgeries and am up for two more. I have so much love and happiness because of the people in my life that want to make a difference. Like you for instance! Thank you from my heart. Thank you for you smiles and tears, for being real and for caring so much about those around you. This is my first day on this sight. I cried and smiled. I am sending you joy. May you find it in your heart when you are not looking.   10/02/2013

Therese S. - Last summer I realized that I had a knot in my right hand which was causing some cramping. The doctor thought it was more than a cyst filled with fluid so he sent me to an orthopedic doctor who prescribed a MRI. Fear of surgery sent me to the "field of love" that afternoon. March the 19th of this year I suddenly realized that the knot was totally gone! I am so very grateful to the Lord of the universe! This is not the first healing I have experienced through Chunyi and his love connections. Thank you!   08/31/2013

Joyce K. - For many years, I grieved and felt the loss of my wonderful mother who passed on in 1994. I recently started practicing the password..."I am in the Universe, the Universe is in my body, the Universe and I are one. When I do this I imagine my consciousness and my body is expanding into all the Universe and I imagine the space between my cells expanding infinitely. I felt in a high pure state, feeling peaceful. It was at this point, that I gained the insight that it was right--part of a bigger universal plan-- that my mother had passed on. Now...I know it was her time and it was the right time. I no longer need to grieve. I know her purpose is being fulfilled elsewhere. Thank you, Divine Source, for this heartfelt message.   08/07/2013

Rex L. - My Loving Mother has shown me Love in life the ever impowering Love of God in our hart and soul . God Bless you Mother I Love you dearly Mother God bless you in this life and God bless you and well come you into Gods Kingdom of Heave now and for ever and ever. God bless!!   08/04/2013

Karen W. - I now understand that I need to open my heart to SFQ. Up until now I have been very academic about SFQ. I now realise that to attain all the benefit I have to completely immerse myself in the practise to receive complete healing, which I desperately want and need. I want to be a healer for others to thank Master Chunyi Lin and The Universe for the gifts I have so far received. In gratitude, Karen W   07/20/2013

Sheila H. - I bless the day I found Qigong because it has totally changed my life. I practise regularly and meditate everyday which has given me a wonderful peace in my heart. My sadness is that although I try to get my friend, whom I have put in the Global Room and others to follow, they find it difficult. My particular friend whom I have named is losing his memory, is very depressed and wonders what life is about so I pray and send him love to change this.   07/09/2013

Steven H. - I was skeptical about Spring Forest Qigong, but no longer. I am a Tai chi and qigong practitioner. For over a decade I devoted myself to learning more about the arts. I felt like I was chasing to catch a butterfly. From weekend seminars all the way to misty mountains of China. I could only catch glimpses of the power of qigong. From time to time I might brush against the power. I knew there was more to learn and that was my problem I was trying too hard, my mind was getting in the way of my spirit and heart. When I found Chuyi Lin on the internet I listened to healing power testimonials for that Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ). I dismissed the words as hype. But, in the testimonials each had a core message that transcended time and Western mind sets. The message of virtue, spirit, and compassion. Then one day just out of desperation to help a person with chronic leg pain I tried SFQ methods. As I let go of the mind and let the spirit take over I felt a magnetic pull in my sword fingers that drew my hand directly to the source of the person?s pain. I can only describe the feeling as a metal detector passing over a buried treasure. Each time I passed my fingers near the pain source I felt a tug. I paused over the source and waited letting my spirit and heart connect. Then I felt a warm energy leave my finger tips and go into the person?s upper leg. She gasped! The pain stopped. On that day I realized that I had to get the qigong out my head and into my heart. There is a higher consciousness that sounds me like a fish in the sea unaware of the water. Using the SFQ method has changed my life and the life of dozens of my friends.   06/20/2013

Marie T. - We have undergone severe financial setbacks the past couple of years. About 2 weeks ago this wonderful star field was suggested to me by a dear friend. I asked for healing and relief for my husband regarding financial worry and stress. I didn't realize till now that soon after , a few days in fact, he decided to apply for a job, was hired and is doing very well in his sales. Thank You Universe and Master Lin and my friend who has introduced a wonderful community of people and healers. Blessings to all.   06/13/2013

Donna S. - I recently stumped the doctors both my own & the ER docs. I had pain abdominal, back, neck, head. I had nausea, vomiting, fainting spells, diarrhea but every test they did was completely normal. After several very frightening visits where I was completely dehydrated and in serious trouble even with multiple prescriptions I decided to STOP. I put all of the medications in a drawer. I began listening to Master Chunyi Lin's paraliminal messages and practicing Qigong meditations several times a day. The only physical thing I did to turn the corner was to drink very small amounts of electrolyte liquids every 15 minutes. I am happy to say I can now eat, I no longer pass out, the pain is subsiding. Thank you so much I will visit this site and advance to the active Qigong techniques as my strength builds. I send healing love to all on this site may we all experience complete healing.   06/07/2013

Judith H. - I had a stroke three years ago and severe after-effects are still with me. I pray for my healing and the healing of all those here in this wonderful Global Healing Room. May the holy power of the Universe bless us all.   05/30/2013

Rabia R. - Like nearly all women I have menstrual pains, in that moments I feel so helpless. The pain in my abdomen seems to be endless.Sometimes It takes hours and I'm so depressed. It`s like to be in labour. To be in pain is such a big burden. I can well imagine how you all must feel. I wish us all health and peace. thank you for given me the opportunity to share my pain with you.   05/10/2013

Joan V. - My problems seem so trivial compared to what I'm reading on this site. Wishing a healing could come to each and every one of you. I've had 3 car and 1 horse accidents. The older I get, the more intense the back and neck pain get. At times, feels like someone's stabbing me with a knife. Chiropractic s used to help but short lived now. Worry so for my husband too who had a heart attack some yrs back, but doesn't take care of himself like he should. Interested to learn about SFQ. A healer in every family, right?   04/30/2013

Frank F. - I have been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. I am just beginning Qi Gong & know I can heal myself. I send out good healing energy to all. Thank you. :-)   04/02/2013

Oana C. - Tears came in my eyes as I send love from my heart to entire planet, to my country, to my town. I felt, specially in the moment I sent love to my daughter (she's 18yearold), that the flow of tears was unstoppable...God bless all of us! Thank you for this moment of sharing with you love!   03/28/2013

Bridget D. - My body and spirit have broken down over the past twenty years as I dealt with a very stressful daily life trying to protect my daughter as the single mother of a child with an abusive father. I lost everything at the hands of this man. It seemed that he made it his mission to take everything I had, and he spent significant negative engergy making sure he did. Thankfully, my daughter has survived and is now in college. I think my body and spirit had already had enough. Two and 1/2 years ago, I had a total hysterectomy and have been in constant pain ever since. My health has declined ever since that day. I have high blood pressure, degenerative disk disease, herniated disks in my neck and back which are impinging on nerves, osteopenia, post hysterectomy hip pain, among other medical issues. I have gone from a vibrant and strong young woman into a sick woman with a broken spirit. I am finding it difficult to be happy. I am so eager to learn about SFQ and the healing powers. I am eager to learn how to send and receive love and to be open and to heal.   03/20/2013

Bernadette G. - Eight months ago I injured myself gardening. I have had problems with my neck and shoulders ever since. have been to therapy. I am better, but it seems I am stuck for some reason. I can't seem to get rid of the upper body weakness and spasms and pain. I have started SFQ and have taken level one class. I am hoping for healing and to return to the quality of life that I had before the injury. I wish the best for everyone. I am so glad to be able to connect onthis forum.   03/03/2013

Susan S. - 6 or 7 years ago I was very ill with undiagnosed fatigue, insomnia and adrenal burnout. I am so much, much healthier now (began my healing journey by studying and practicing SFQ) and am so grateful. But my last remaining symptom - strange tension and pressure in TMJ and head - is a concern. I send my love and support to all here and welcome yours. This is a wonderful site! May be all find true spiritual healing and physical relief.   03/01/2013

Sam M. - 5 years ago diagnosed with two brain tumors~ they are slowly growing, but stand to possibly take my life, and before doing so making life unbearable. I have so much fear and want to feel peace and believe in my ability to heal. I am trying to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, eating well, doing qi gong (though not yet into a deep enough discipline, which I want very much). I just signed up for Master Lin's "finding your soul purpose" and hope to learn great things and change my life course and heal.   02/23/2013

Christine W. - I injured my foot as a child and this caused the arch to fall, making my legs, knees and hips unbalanced. My knee was starting to cause me pain and giving out. A few days after I put in for a healing on this site, I felt alot of heat and a moving sensation coming from my ankle area, at first I thought oh great, first my knee now my foot but then I remembered the request for healing and realized that the Master Healers and people all over the world were helping me heal. I HAVE NOT HAD ONE BIT OF PAIN OR PROBLEMS WITH MY KNEE SINCE THIS TIME. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!   02/20/2013

Maureen K. - I put a person in the Global Healing Room on Saturday. She had been run over by a truck on Jan 31, 2012. Headaches have been excruciating and have not abated. I just read on Facebook that her headaches are subsiding! Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!   02/18/2013

Joanna d. - Have had scoliosis since born. Had surgery in 20's. ended up with being hit by a loaded semi truck, three trailers of tires being towed by the big semi. It hit me and went through my car. I have pain throughout most of my body. I have done almost all I know to do. I so want to be pain free, or at least where my pain allows me to go out. I have never been unsocial, but I moved right when i got hurt and I have no social group as I can't sit, or stand for long and by late afternoon I feel higher pain and very tired. I want love to flow through my life as I gently run love through others lives. please help me. I am ready to accept all help and I believe this pain somehow can transmute. It is unbearable, sometimes and as the years build up, it saddens me as I see it taking over my life. I have always been strong, healed several things and don't know what to do. I am tired of being alone and emailing hurts as well..   02/01/2013

K W. - Please pray for my family. We have had major health crisis' in our family that has caused great strain. One member has been diagnosed bi polar... Please hold us in your prayers and surround us in light..amen   01/14/2013

Ron B. - My story seems insignificant compared to those I've read here so far, but I will share it. Back in March of 2012, I found out I had high blood pressure -- in fact, it was so high at that point that it caused some bleeding in brain. That incident nearly killed me, but I have recovered from that. I still have high blood pressure, but not as high as back then. I'm supposed to be on medication, but I don't have insurance right now. I honestly don't want to be on the medication anyway, because of the possible side-effects. I can significantly lower my blood pressure by losing about 30 pounds. If I do that, my blood pressure will be close to normal (the weight is pushing down on my blood vessels, which causes the pressure increase). Exercise will also help reduce my blood pressure, as it will help me lose weight and it helps blood flow and circulation. So, I believe that I am now on the road to recovery and will be fine in a short period of time. The only other major health problem I have is benign fatty tumors. I have around 12 in various parts of my body. None of them are painful and none have grown significantly in the past year. In fact, one of them has shrunk by about 90%. So, I am confident these will be gone soon as well. However, I welcome all the love that you are willing to share and I will openly share love back to help you heal as well. So glad to be part of this group. May each of you receive healing and wellness in 2013. God bless. 1/5/2013   01/05/2013

Erik L. - I was misdiagnosed in 2005 and latter found the arthritos I was treat for for over 3 years was Stage 4 Hodgking Lymphoma. I lost almost everything including my business and recieve little SSI because the misdiagnosis. My mother tells me daily she wants me to die and teases me about my condition. I am unable to move because of limited income and hospice refuses to enter the house in fear of violence from my mother in which her constant drinking makes her behavior unpredictable. I need help doing my alternative therapies which include IV C, ozone, jucing, HBOT. UBI in which these are the only therapies including chemo, radiation and 3 spinal surgeries which 4x so far have reversed my condition but I fear w/o instituting these imediately my condition will further decline. I have faith that we can all pray for each other and make miracles happen as Master Lyn has shown so many times before. Sending my Love to Everyone and Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very rewarding and Happy New Year! May God Bless Us All and Save Us from Suffering!   12/29/2012

Kenneth B. - I got sick in 2006 and couldn't figure it all out with regular doctors. I did have gastric bypass which changed my being. 5 Months later I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, then I kept getting sicker and sicker. I found that I had had Type 1 Diabetes my whole life and it had done damage to my nerve system and I had Peripheral Neuropathy. I was working at a Spa that the owner was working with Master Chunyi Lin and I began to notice little changes but became to sick to continue working there and started on the medical road. I found out I have Fibromyalgia, which some believe in and others do not. I believe I have this. Then I had osteopenia which is PRE-osteoporosis however it soon became Osteoporsis. I broke my back at 50 percent in June of 2012 then my grandma passed away a week later my father, and 11 people in my life have left since June of this year. I am now on a journey that will hopefully heal myself and I can then start to heal others and so on and so forth... pay it forward type thing. I am READY for this in my life and I am only on lesson one and just learning to "SMILE" makes a HUGE difference in life. I am learning and going to rid myself of outside influences that are bad and going on what I am calling the Journey of my life. I hope it will work, I am aries and I love to start things but I have a hard time completeing them I want to be a MASTER HEALER and I know with discipline I will be. I know I can do it..... LETS GO FOR IT!!!!   12/24/2012

BEATRICE I. - I visited SFQ website for the first time on 12/20/12 I was on the site for sometime, Watched some videos such as breathing techniques, unblocking channels- bladder/stomach. I slept like a baby last night @ 7hrs. I send all my love to everyone. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!   12/21/2012

Iana-Maria M. - I have just fiound this site and am so very happoy to have done so. I thunk that Master Lin is truly sent by God to help all of mankind. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and send you much love. I know "That LOVE is ALL THERE IS ". I am suffering from a lot of pain in my neck which my Chinese doctor tells me that the bones inmmy neck are constricting the blood flow to ,my brain which makes me very dizzy, and sometimes makes me fall over.I believe with all my heart that I will get better, even though my doctor says I will only get worse. TOO NEGATIVE !! I send everyone LOVE and LIGHT. NANESTE and may God watch over us ALL. Diana-Maria   11/28/2012

Paula F. - I have just found this site, and would like to ask for love and healing to go to a dear friend and wonderful human being, Trudy, who has lung cancer and is suffering under chemo. Thankyou so much.   11/14/2012

Emily S. - I have led a life like I have been on a roller coaster,have had numerous relationships which have not worked out which often left me emotionally & physically abused,I now find myself with heart damage which I believe is from emotional distraught,I also have back stress & pain but have purchased the Gi Gong Cd's and booklet, as well I am learning more about God's love for each of us. Much LOVE & PRAYER to all.   11/05/2012

Nancy C. - I felt an understanding and acceptance of what is occurring presently occurring in my life which is producing the emotions. I felt peace and I was able to let the feelings return to the universe. Thank you!   10/30/2012

Gene m. - I am a diabetic and have had very bad pains on my legs I could not walk properly my legs were full of pain. After practicing qigong just only for four days and I just cannot imagine my pains have reduced now I am pushing through happily. I have experienced the wonder of qi gong which has given me back my life and will be practising it till the end. The world would have been a empty place without this graceful healing power to all of us who believe so.   10/29/2012

Cathy P. - I've had emotional distress from sib shunning for 3+ years. Although it's hard I want to continue taking the high road and be loving to all others. We can't choose our family and I miss my flesh and blood. The situation has been insulting and hurtful to the extreme. Pleading doesn't do any good. I just need to know that there's love out there to keep me on a healthy path. Thank you SOOO much!   10/21/2012

Lynn B. - I've had chronic health conditions for 20+ years. Chronic idiopathic urticaria and angioedema, pressure delayed urticaria, neither of which have "cures" and for years it was known as angioNEUROTICedema. That's no longer the case. I've also had kidney cancer which involved removing kidney, no chemo or radiation for which I am thankful. Horrible allergies too. Newly diagnosed hypoglycemia, and new blood work has High ACE levels which may or may not indicate sarcoidosis--which would explain the last few years of fatigue and shortness of breath...neither of which were taken as serious by doctors..just a female thing...and depression. I've never asked for prayer except for a recent surgery which went really well and am recovering from now. The fact that most of my issues have been chronic and difficult to explain (who understands that the irritation from and label in your shoe could cause painfulswelling of your entire foot?) as well as the fact that it probably won't kill me, has inhibited me from asking for help. But with these latest issues I need help beyond what I've had in the past. And mentally I am exhausted, depressed, cannot concentrate. I am thankful that I found this site and thank all those in advance for their prayers.   10/17/2012

Nancy B. - I have been using my knowledge of Gi Gong on my friend Terry Jo for 38 consecutive days who has a lump on her R. breast. The other day I listed her on one minute of love. The following day she informed me she felt a hiss inside of her and the lump changed to 10% smaller. I am grateful for the help and for her success. Her goal is to restore her breast completely before the appointed surgery on Oct. 22. Thank you again for loving assistance. 10/13/12   10/13/2012

Ken H. - High blood pressure. Freedom from anger. Peace and love.   10/11/2012

Ateet f. - i am amazed! when the healing started i saw soon in my right corner some brilliant light surrounded with crystal-form in rainbowcolors moving very slowly around. i have seen this before and always thought that something is wrong with my eyes or brain. now i know is't a wonderful opening in an other dimension full of light and love! i feel very gratefull and silent... love to all of you   10/02/2012

Tracey H. - I came across SFQ while I was researching the best way to recover from a terrible flu. I was so desperate to feel better and even though I live in Australia and felt so far away from Master Lin, I thought that the level 1 learning course would offer me something that seemed so different and beautiful. So I ordered the course and started learning. From the day it arrived I have been doing the active exercises every day and the small universe as often as I can. I am at day 42 of the 100 day's. My energy levels recovered from the flu in the blink of an eye, the terrible arthritis in my knees is hurting less and less and I know will be completely healed soon. My energy changed and feels in balance and I have begun to feel happy, balanced and stronger. SFQ has been the most amazing healing I have ever experienced as it has been all encompassing in each area of my life, physical, emotional and spiritual. Unfortunately though our very loved family cat became sick about 2 weeks ago. I did sword fingers healing on her a number of times and she seemed to be very happy when I did it. Her energy picked up but we could tell she was in pain sooner after each healing session. I persisted but we sought help from our local vet as well. Anyway it turns out she had cancer and was much sicker than any of us realized. She died two days ago during an operation to remove the tumour. We are so very very sad as she was a stray and adopted us as our family sailed into a turbulent time. We had her with us for 8 years and she taught us many things about sitting quietly with the ups and downs of life. I feel very very sad that I didn't have the skill to help heal her and I really wish I had come across SFQ sooner. But I do feel that perhaps the reason why she seemed so good was due to the SFQ healing I gave her. I can only believe that I eased her suffering and it was her time to return to the universe. Even though my energy has taken a beating due to my feelings of devastating grief and guilt that I couldn't heal her, I am continuing with my SFQ practice. I do feel so blessed that I have found Master Chunyi Lin and SFQ. I know in my heart that as I continue my healing ability will increase and I will also learn the grace that will come from this, my first very sad healing experience. I hope that SFQ will now help me heal my very sad broken heart and help my husband and son with their grief as well. Thank you Master Lin and love to you all.   09/30/2012

Barbara d. - Cancer survivor..stage 4...three years clean..have neurporathy legs and feet badly and other side effrects barely walking..can't drivie..hve no children..both sides of of my family are dead I have no family at all...none none at was a tiny family on both side..I'm the last footprints on the earth..I am deparessed lonely and scared..I am in constant pain and basrley walk..I miss being around people so bad I will die of a broken heart...I want a person in my life to hold and talk to ..I'm alone and hurt is getting harder to move   09/26/2012

Linda L. - My husband recently had knee replacement on both knees. And we noticed that he wasn't recovering as well as he should have been. We were sent to a neurologist and he diagnosed ALS (Lou Gerig disease). We were both devastated. We have 2 young boys that he might not get to see grow up. I am asking for healing for my husband from this awful disease. Last spring I got an email in my inbox and it was to watch movies about Spring Forest Qi Gong, I don't know why I got this email at this time, but I do now. I watched the movies and ordered the DVD's . I pulled them out yesterday and had my husband do the exercises with me. Please pray for healing for him.   09/05/2012

Dorothy B. - I am so blessed to have found the Spring Forest materials, Chunyi Lin and his fantastic DVD's and CD's. The support and encouragement is priceless. Thank you Chunyi Lin and thanks to all of you who are sharing your stories with us. Blessings, healing energy and much love to everyone.   09/03/2012

Nada D. - To live in a moment is a true miracle in this life, and to do what we can with what we have at that moment. Always have an attitude of gratitude. Thank you Master Lin. Much love to everyone in this Universe.   08/31/2012

Esther F. - This Global Healing Room sounds like a great idea. I am very much looking forward to feel it's energy. Thank you master Lin!!   08/30/2012

Pamela S. - This beautiful site is inspiring and healing in itself. Healing for me is a life path, as it has presentsed itself in many forms throughout my life. My lifepath is consumed with memories of emotional abuse, financial struggles addictive, relationships and painful break ups. I also suffer from over 20 years of severe chronic muscular pain and headaches. My faith has sustained me, provided calmness and sustenance during times when I didn't want to go on; provided friends and resources as angels and taught me many resources for healing. I have faith, hope, and love in the healing power of others positive energy. I also believe that the more we give, the more we receive. Thank you Master Lin, for providing a resource for all of us to give and receive love - the greatest gift of healing!   08/23/2012

Peta H. - My sister who lives in the U.S.A. sent me this link last night. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I am a natural Empath, I feel all the sorrow and pain and anguish emangating out from this site. I thought I had so many problems in my life, but they are but a drop in the ocean compared to what other people are suffering in this world. I have a home which we have almost lost twice. I have a loving husband and two loving sons and a loving mother who lives with us. I have two sisters who are my angels and help and assist me to keep on the straight and narrow. I thank our Great Spirit daily for having them in my life. I have overcome so many things in life and know that I will continue to due so. I just have this incredible need to help others. I get rediculed but I shrug it off because I know that what I know everyone will come to know as well and they will remember that there was someone who tried to pass on the message. I have my faith which I cling to jealously and my love for the Great Spirit whom without we are nothing. I do not have fear as I have given all my and our problems to our Great Spirit. I have this feeling of peace, this knowing that things are being taken care of. I still have a lot of lessons to overcome and it will be so. If I had to tell of all the pain and sorrow I have had in my life and that of my husband, it would fill a book. We have to remember that we are here on this wonderful planet to learn so that we may assend to higher realms. We all made a contract with the Great Spirit to come and learn our lessons. Just ask yourselves what you have learnt and how well you have learnt the things that have taken place in your lives and are still happening. You have not been given any lesson that you cannot learn to the best of your ability. Great Spirit please hold the hands of your children in need, Bless them and enfold them in your loving arms. Fill them with your love and knowing that all is not lost. Help them to be at peace. So Be It...Namaste.   08/22/2012

Colleen M. - What a beautiful site. Thank you for all of your love and healing. I hope everyone feels as loved as I do when I experience this.   08/22/2012

James M. - I have been a healer/therapist/shaman most of my adult life. Prayer, visualization and child-like trust are very powerful tools for deep healing, but even more powerful is your heart, filled with the awareness of your empty nature. All conditioning (including thought and the body) is seen as transient appearances, without absolute reality. Yet your unconditioned presence remains, forever. The freedom of love and the certainty of pure being are the greatest tools of healing. Look into the Great Perfection, especially that of Yungdrung Bon. May many blessings find you always.   08/20/2012

David H. - When I feel badly in any way or have a specific pain in my body I lay down and hold my hand where I can feel and sense incoming life force coming into my self with the intention that I will become aware of an area of my body or an aspect of my mind, body, spirit that is tied into the the discomfort in some way. I say please help believing that spirit wants me to share in an experiential way with spirit in the activity of healing: perhaps a door to inter into relationship with spirit. I just observe with no agendas. This usually brings results in a feels good way and it also brings results for my wife. I enjoy the healing activity that takes place and deepen my connection with life at the same time. Also what helps in all this is noticing what I feel in my hands as I engage in this connection. I believe it is our birth right to be able to heal ourselves and our loved ones.   08/13/2012

David H. - I close my eyes and see places in my body that are having trouble and putting pain in my life. I see the same thing when I put my hands on someone else. I observe what I see and believe that spirit wants us to experience in partnership with it's self an experience of experiencing healing coming in. I have an intention to experience healing for myself and others in this manner. Just observing whatever takes place. This has often worked for my self and other's and furthered them in their process of having a life that feels good.   08/12/2012

Will F. - Hello everyone, my name is Will Jones.. I read the one minute of healing, so if love can transcend time its self can you wish for love itself? Iv had a hard time finding real love in a relationship, and in people in general, i really hope people stop just thinking about themselves and start caring about others, isn't that part of spiritual growth?? When you can open you heart to everyone and the universe   08/02/2012

Cherry R. - I have only just found this web page and feel compelled to know more, i have had a chronic muscle condition for about 20 years, it is getting worse and everyday tasks are painful, i want to do so many things with my life, it would be amazing to think that i could get better, even a little bit!   08/01/2012

Luke R. - Luke was diagnosed about 4 yrs ago at approx age 24 with kidney diseases IGA and FSGS. If left untreated, they can cause severe heart damage and death. I pray for my son's kidneys to regenerate themselves so that they are completely 100% healthy and function perfectly.   07/19/2012

Julie G. - I was in a MVA five years ago and have been suffering from chronic pain. I have injury to most of the discs in my spine from top to bottom. I ask for prayers, healing, and understanding from others. My biggest dream is to get off these pain pills and become employed again. Thank you to everyone who helps others in life!   07/19/2012

Lisa S. - I am beginning to meditate using Spring Forest Qigong. I've been doing EFT and the Sedona Method. I have been writing my memoir which chronicles my childhood in which I experienced emotional, mental, physical, & sexual abuse. I moved 15 times between kindergarten and 12th grade. As a teenager, I studied in college, & although it took 15 years, I have 2 degrees. I've been married for 20 years to a talented artist. We have $50,000 in student loan debt. As I was coming out from the abuse, PTSD, Annorexia, the student loans helped me survive. I'd love to own a comfortable and simple home. When my father died 5 years ago, my older siblings tied the estate up in court, and I lost almost all of my inheritence (tens of thousands) and it brought back the pain of the abuse and ptsd. It also sent me into a tailspin as to how to own a home --losing all of that money. I work hard to heal. I am asking for prayers for healing. I just want to be a positive presence in the world and give love and healing to kids and animals and adults. I pray for peace of mind and a home to finally call our own.   07/18/2012

Gary L. - Thursday I got told by my Oncologist my throat cancer was now terminal and after a year chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, the only tool western medicine had left to control and keep it in check was chemotherapy. Been there, done that, oh well, do it some more. Its effectiveness will run out, at best I am given about a year to live. I head into the hospital for round four of chemo tomorrow. This is a 104 hour continuous infusion. All prayers, love, and healing energy are certainly appreciated. Let?s turn that chemotherapy IV drip into a picket of golden liquid healing honey and butterflies galore. I am new to Qigong and SFQ, a month in or so, but I have no job and live on SSI.. So my reaction to being told I have terminal cancer is to treat it as a fortunate kick in the butt. Life gives me the awesome gift of sixteen to seventeen waking hours a day. I have speech therapy two hours a day, That leaves 14 hours a day to stay in the realms of "The Beginning of the Universe Breath," Loosely speaking of course. Breath in, up into the chest, breath out down into the belly. Breath in the goodness of the Universe, Breath out sickness and soreness and weariness. I try to stay in that breath and consciousness the best I can while feeding myself, (I?m tube fed,) driving my car, or hanging over a computer. Those are the hard times, The other times are a bit more easy. I practice a variety of SFQ exercises as well as GFQ exercises. I practice up to 8 to 10 hours on a good day. (I can practice sitting waiting in a Dr?s. office just fine,) As much as I want healing energy for my throat cancer and energy for sustaining my ability to take chemotherapy over and over, I really want prayers and healing energy sent my way to sustain me in this morning in, evening out, day in, day out, 24/7 Qigong practice. It is my best hope at ridding myself of this cancer and is the golden path to achieving my personal goal that sees me get healthier every day despite this cancer and become a role model for those around me suffering from their own cancer and lost as to what to do about it.   07/14/2012

Eileen M. - Recently I asked for prayers/healing help for my nephew. Thank you! He is feeling more hopeful and with the help of his father and all your prayers and healing help, he is embarking on a new approach to his work situation and life. Deep gratitude! Please continue to send him healing light/love.   07/12/2012

Leah J. - I love life, but I rarely sleep at night and have bouts of depression. My spouse can be abusive, so I am often sad which prevents me from being me. I send my love to all of you...and I am grateful for yours. - thankyou.   07/11/2012

Jeffrey B. - I have been a Martial Artist for 40 plus years and I have been into helping heal the body for some time now. I am a massage body worker , and now getting more into energy work. I just built a Medicine wheel on my property , and I can feel changes in my life. I just got home from Bhakti Fest , and boy I feel even more changes in my life. I love energy work and breath work too. My body is in the pain mode most days and I have two bad shoulders. But today I want to talk about my life partner. She has been trying to heal herself from Krones ( not sure about that spelling ) . Any how I would love to have healing energy sent her way , and to all who are suffering from this. Also I have a very sick Grand daughter who is fighting a type of cancer , she is only 6 soon to be 7 . She is such a in touch little girl . Her whole ora speaks to every one. Please send all the energy you can to her she she can live a happy healthy life . She is a fighter , and I know she will feel your energy coming. Thanks to all , and thanks for this site. I believe the answers in life are sent to us in special ways and I came across this by .... I don't know but Im here . Namaste 7/8/12   07/08/2012

Rosalina R. - I retired last January, aged 641/2 . I have spinal stenosis and lumbar degeneration. I'm back here in The Philippines with my hubby from Sydney, but my body pains pushed me down to depression, but I know and I believe, I could still be healed. My husband is sickly too, with thrombosis in his left leg and diabetes. We have a suitcase full of medicines from Australia. I practice the breathing exercise when the pain is unbearable and I feel better. I wish we could find people practicing Qigong here in Bukidnon, Philippines 8712. Thanks for your good thoughts and I call it prayers for everyone. LOVE TO ALL ...Rosalina R.   07/06/2012

Pernell T. - My mother-in-law's recovery from surgery has been remarkable. She had once been near death's door is now 99% of her joyful and lovely self. Thanks to all for the love energy. Pernell T.   07/05/2012

Beatrice P. - i suffered for 4 years with acid reflux and was on protonex and other meds with no results. I was about to go for an endoscopy and was reminded about Qigong. I had a video form Master Chunyi Lin which I had for a few years and so I practiced 3 times before going for the procedure. The end result was that everything was normal. Now, Tell me what happened here. Is this a miracle or what? I cannot understand. I had received this e-mail just the day of the procedure so I am forwarding this experience to you.   07/04/2012

Dolby D. - May a healing occure between me and my sister. That is my prayer and healing...Thank you! OM Shanti   07/02/2012

Paul P. - I am overweight and have diabetes that is not in control. This disease is threating my life. I would like to restore my health and heal my pancreas. Paul 7/02/12   07/02/2012

Sharon B. - I have fibromyalgia pain, confusion and its many other symptoms. And am now dealing with the sadness of the death of my Husband. I was a massage therapist and a reiki practitioner for many years. I have experienced the power of energy work. My goal is to lessen and or cure the disease that currently inhabits my body. And hope to heal the grief I am experiencing from the a loss of my beloved Husband. We taught each other so much about ourselves.   07/02/2012

Susan s. - I experience chronic pain, fatigue, and depression due to a number of conditions. I have recently started SFQ and love it. My goal is to continue on my healing path and to strengthen myself so I can better help others to heal. Love and blessings to all.   06/23/2012

Jenny W. - I have had CFS since my mid 20's and environmental sensitivities to chemicals and EMFs for the last 13 years. I recently discovered I have chronic Lymes and other infections. My intention is to regain my health, energy and passion for living once more. Love and blessings to all.   06/19/2012

Rhonda C. - I just want to say that through my life I have known that I was blessed, I was one of the lucky one's. I had a highly spiritual mother and a loving father, I learned so much from both of them. Through all the deaths and misshaps in our family we knew everything would be alright. I heard of SFQ from a friend of mine and I have learned how much the universe is a part of us and we it. I have felt such unconditional love that it radiated through my whole body. I have learned through my life to forgive all as well as myself, I have learned not to judge anyone or anything. I am not perfect by all means but I really love myself. Through Chuny's meditation cd I was able to totally forgive myself for everything I ever did that I knew was wrong. I pray that everyone can learn to do that for themselves, what a blessing there is in forgivness. It is totally freeing. Love and healing to all of you, I send you all my prayers.   06/18/2012

McKayla H. - I have been through many rough days through out this year and a half. My mother has had head surgery, and has many other illnesses going on with her. On top of that I also have many illnesses: anorexia, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and acid reflux disease (gerd). Nothing that I have tried to help with everything has not worked or it has made it worse. I have been trying to connect with my inner self and to other people to also try to help me, but it just does not seem to help. Both my mom and I need some support to help us go through with the un- bearable process we both are going through right now. I am thankful for everything people and God have given us, I am even thankful for these these unforgettable painful days we have gone through, it just makes me and my mother work and strive for the best of both of us and to never. Ever. Give up on life even if it gets rough and you have to get down and dirty sometimes. I am very grateful for this site, if I wasn't able to come here and see those stars and pray for my family and the others suffering I wouldn't know how to cope with my self. I know now I am helping my family and others that need my love.   06/18/2012

Lisa H. - I have had a cloud over my life for years in 2002 a drunk hit an electric pole which caused a power surge and fried our electrical lines in our home, in 2003 we were building a new addition on our home and the contractor used faulty equipment and burnt our home completely down and we lost everything including our pets 3 weeks before christmas, in 2001 our father died of lung Cancer and in 2010 I was diagnosed full of fibroid tumors and was forced into a radical hysterectomy that removed all of my female parts. I have no female hormones and was recently diagnosed with a non operable brain tumor on my immune system. I get angry and fight with my husband of 28 years and our love in our relationship is suffering and I now seem to have jelousy issues i never had before. I think because of the loss of my female hormones or femaleness missing from me.... I feel less sexual to him. He says that is not so, but I feel less sexual. I need my heart and my head healed and i have always been a kind person and suddenly feel very angry and mean. I don't like this new person I seem to have become. I pray for forgiveness and some kind of peace and help.   06/18/2012

Mark W. - My wife has been putting our son James in the global healing room for his mental health problems, so after I had been laid of work for 9 months she put my name in as well. Within 2 to 3 weeks after she added me to the star field, I had 5 different companys all suddenly become interested in me. I ended up with 3 different job offers and am now gainfully employed. Thanks Master Lin and everyone who prays for those in the healing room.   06/16/2012

Sandy Z. - I am grateful for this site and look forward to learning more about SFQ as I continue on this healing and recovery journey from cancer. I am dealing with the aftermath of treatment and surgeries....knowing I will ultimately heal....currently there are inflammation, pain and detox issues...seeking healing for self and others. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!   06/16/2012

Edward G. - Suffering from obesity, congestive heart failure, and gallbladder/pancreatitis. Doctors don't know if I will live very much longer due to complications from obesity/congestive heart failure. Please help send me a miracle healing.   06/14/2012

Nadine D. - Never forget that you Are all Magnificent and if you recognize this fact, all your entire life will be Magnified !!!. I Love you and I thank you, Dear Co-Creators !!!!   06/12/2012

Radha G. - Dear ones, I would pray for my dear friend (IKR) with so many life threatening illnesses, who has been a spiritual inspiration as well as a non varying light. May she get the assistance, resources, and kindness she deserves in this lifetime. And I also pray that my lonlieness for God, the All That Is, is gently healed as my heart learns to open, and that I may serve the Light. Namaste.   06/04/2012

Hans S. - I suffer every day from chronic backpain had already 4 operations but still in a lot of pain use a lot of morphine I am not able to work and have no money so I cannot ask Mr Lin to do a distant Healing please pray for me I thank everybody and I wish everybody all the blessing and healing from our Lord Jesus Christ all love and light from the Netherlands. Hans S.   06/04/2012

Diane P. - I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master/Practioner. I thought I knew just about everything about healing others but when I experienced the Spring Forest Qigong, well I am in a total state of awe! I believe my love for others and the Universe has increased many times more! When I scroll over the stars I feel such love and beauty for all the souls who have submitted their names. I send all of them healing and much light to surround them in their time of need. I am so very grateful every day for my wonderful life and I wish to thank Prime Creator, my Master and Chunyi Lin for all that they do for us all! Love to all of you, Blessings and Peace, Diane   06/03/2012

Julia J. - I'm a nurse, who recently aquired a patient who suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis. She is unable to walk, talk, eat, also unable to do the basic activities of daily living and she suffers from seizures. During an illness a few weeks back, I was unable to give her medication as mom was not home and had not given permission, and yes you have to have permission when your working in someone's home and it's a child...I had to use the only form of healing I knew that might make a difference with out ingesting something into this patient..I used the Sword Finger technique to assist my Little Charge and in doing So,,,Her fever, decreased and seizures started to decline..After Sword Fingers, I sent the SwEEt Child, unconditional LoVe through the Palms of My Hands. I Did not realize that I had Made Such a difference until an hour later and the seizures had decreased from one ever 6-8 mins to one in an hour.. I'm So Thankful for this Gift, and I encourage ALL to learn from Spring Forest Qi~Gong or Reiki even..Just know that unconditional Love and Intent Can make Such a difference In Your LifE.. AS I went over each person's name here my HearT was FiLLed with ImmEnsE LoVe for Each and Every Person heRe. I was overcoMe with EmoTion.. I'm So GraTeful and I Thank You MaStER LiN for Sharing this GiFt of HeaLing WiTh ~All~   05/31/2012

Kristin K. - When I was 15 yrs. old I met my soul mate David.We both knew. We had a couple of visits until I was 18 then didn't see each other until 5 yrs. ago and I am now 57. David has many health problems that have made it difficult for us to move forward financially. I believe we are meant to share and create our destiny together and want that to happen before he dies. Our life together is a Love Story dreamed of by most lived by few. My intention is to open up to all the love to float us into our destiny. I intend that everyone who touches our prayers for love and life be sustained to the larger picture and that our destiny now moves into the larger consciousness of human love and human need. Thank you for your prayers and blessings . Kristin   05/30/2012

Susan S. - Please help Audrey fully recover from dizziness and stroke.Thank You   05/28/2012

Linda S. - My estranged, alcoholic husband of twelve years, I found him two days before Christmas, dead...I thought I had mourned his loss, for the 5 years prior, yet the stress and strain of this trauma has been such a weight to bear...fear and stress have been invading my peace of mind and body...I ask for healing...   05/28/2012

Pam s. - When I feel sorry for myself and fall into fear..I go to the Star field and remember what Master Lin teachers.."we are all healers" I go into love and breath out Love to All. I am restored. Thank you.   05/23/2012

Ruth O. - I am grateful every day of my life for my health, my friends and family and now I am deeply grateful to be part of this universal family where we are ALL at one in peace and harmony and healing.   05/22/2012

Laura P. - What a beautiful space! It helps me open up a space of emotional and spiritual beauty inside myself. I have come to the star field to meditate and pray for myself and others. I often slide my finger over the stars and read the names and intentions as I am sending out love. Today when I was finishing up. I slid my finger over my own star (name and intention) :) What joy! Thank you. Thank you.   05/18/2012

Christine r. - Hello I am glad to find this site a friend just tell me... I've watched a lot of video. The worry is that my state motionneln'est not on top. I am an anxious nature. Very stressed. My health is not at the top. I'm always tired. In addition, I have to remove a cyst dental. The worry is that I have made a full scan of the head, brain, jaw ect. We see the cyst. I have a dental panoramic too. ....So I'm afraid, and palpitations and blood return. I can not stand ..... I pray ........... AS MUCH AS I CAN ...... I need help .... thank you   05/13/2012

Hank O. - I came to the Global Healing Room to manifest healing for two special people. I felt an opening of forgiveness in me and added several more names with whom I needed to experience love, kindness and forgiveness, including myself. I felt the swelling of love in my heart and my tears washed away the illusion of separateness. Blessings to all and heartfelt thanks.   05/11/2012

Maluz M. - Love to you all. I feel so grateful for this special place you have created. I believe that the love we are all sharing in here will spread among us all and beyond. Hope this love will relieve our worries and concerns.   05/08/2012

Mavis S. - I awoke Monday morning and remembered I had been floating on a golden air mattress in the star field. I couldn't believe it. sooooo beautiful. thank you God.   04/30/2012

Marjorie d. - I started to have health issues in the eighties, one mountain after another, my husband left shortly after the problems began. that was an emotional blow, family is everything to me. I now know that is what I needed to find a spirtual path. I have enjoyed and learned to love unconditionaly from these things...I am very grateful for this gift of the star room, it brings great peace to me. Thank you.   04/28/2012

Gloria B. - I am in a moment of extreme gratitude and bliss. I want to share this feeling of total faith with everyone, at all times. I feel so privileged to have my God-given body, which I adore, and take care of with immense gratitude and joy. I have a great family who believes in the YES, and that Love is the only way. Qigong makes me feel always more and more in touch with myself, with the ONE in us. Thank you God.   04/27/2012

Yvette F. - I used this meditation to pray for "Self-love and self-forgiveness" for a friend. I immediately felt the healing love of the Universe and sensed this loving energy spread out to all my friends, family and the world. The loving energy of this meditation is profoundly healing and truly tranformative! With gratitude, Yvette   04/27/2012

Alanna M. - I bought this program many years ago and I have never started it. However, I saw it on my bookshelf this evening and I said I am going to start this program tonight. I did. I have started by listening to the first cd. I don't know why I waited until now. It must be the right time. I was in the star room and it was truly an amazing experience. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place to be able to go for just a moment for peace. I have not had much peace in my last few years. This is my year for starting anew. I am so glad that I found this website tonight. I will keep coming back each and every day. May all be blessed and all of you prayers be answered.   04/22/2012

Joan J. - I love the feeling of peace, love and serenity. Tension, I wasn't even aware of, just melted away. This is the greatest feeling of love energy, so soothing and relaxing. Thank you, thank you. I love all of you as I feel this wonderful flow of energy.   04/22/2012

Sara R. - LOVE   04/22/2012

Phil P. - My sister is really struggling to live even though she knows it really not going to be for much longer. Her Mind is so willing but her body is simplyl not able. So if you can spare a prayer it would be so much appreciated. Many thanks.   04/22/2012

Eva W. - A most beautiful experience of love , peace , light and knowing - All is Well . Thank you for this wonderful gift , always available.   04/22/2012

Jennifer H. - Several minutes praying meditation in the Healing Room helped free my creative vision and revealed the spiritual nature things. The experience seems like a portal to another level of existence. Heaps of thanks!   04/21/2012

Kara S. - I was gifted by your site just a few moments ago. Upon gazing at the stars, my Heart expanded with the Love and Oneness I experienced. What a beautiful gift you have shared with the world. I am sharing it with others. Much Love to you, Kara   04/19/2012

Guto n. - something inside me is fighting with my will to practice qigong for self-healing. I want to return to practice lots of hours per day but I sabotage myself. I need help. :)   04/19/2012

Leah S. - I immediately started crying when the stars came up. I want to do this again and again. I feel so scared most of the time and I dont know what to do. I really need support and I feel so alone. I pray for everyone to be healed, to be in a healing space and to create that healing space around them; to have the strength to surround ourselves with light.   04/19/2012

Nancy R. - I have been with the Global Healing Room since you launched it. Each time I enter and hear the music, I feel filled with peace, joy, love, and unity. When I entered yesterday, I was overwhelmed to see how many stars had come into the field. The visual on my computer screen was actually a physical realization of a vision of sorts that I had in 2010. Here is an excerpt from my journal: "July 17, 2010 This week?s thoughts: As I lay quietly in bed, awake again in the middle of the night, I knew that I needed to focus on something that would relax me and put me back to sleep. The lessons of Spring Forest Qigong, that I had just begun to teach, came immediately to mind. I focused on a spark of love in my heart and expanded it to fill my heart, then fill every cell of my body, then surround me with a golden layer of light and energy. At this point, I ceased to think and had what I can only call a vision. I saw the entire Universe as a gigantic, infinite web?not a new concept, but at this point I actually saw it. The web was dark, except for one tiny, insignificant point. That point was me, lit up with love. I concentrated on breathing slowly and the light expanded to other tiny points on the web. From these points the light continued to expand, on and on and on and on, until the entire Universe was lit. It was so beautiful and so comforting. One little spark set in motion the lighting of all the other sparks. At that point I fell asleep." Thank you!!! I revisit this experience often and now I can see it and feel the connections even more deeply in your Star Field. Just beautiful!!!! Blessings of love, light, and butterflies, Nancy H.   04/19/2012

Marilyn K. - Please pray for healing for my husband and myself. He has fractured his pelvis and continues to have high colesterol. In caring for him I have pulled a muscle in my pelvis and have high blood pressure. We are both going for physical therapy and look forward to receiving your healing prayers and energy. May God Bless you for sharing this gift with us. Thank you.   04/18/2012

Elizabeth R. - My son suffers from mental illness. Today is his birthday. He can't seem to find his way and is struggling greatly with his life and addictions. My greatest wish is for him to find innner strength to heal himself and have a successful life.   04/17/2012

Suzanne T. - Ahhhhh, the meditation room. if everyone joined in, what a perfect world this could be!!!! Hugs & Universal Love   04/12/2012

Carol R. - Each day I visit the global healing room, and my experience is richer and fuller every time. I feel joy rising within as I recognize names of dear, long-time Qigong friends. The love just flows so easily and effortlessly to everyone as I feel our love and healing energy combined. My daily visits here with all of you have also become a welcomed "coherence break" in my day. As I hold the intention to open to and send powerful unconditional love & healing energy to all the "stars", seeing each one bright, clear, vibrant, and radiant, I feel that love and healing happen for me as well. I love this space and I love all of you!   04/11/2012

Gayla A. - Thank you so much for this beautiful blessing and opportunity for us to bless others. I noticed improvement in several of my conditions within 3 days of placing myself up in the starry ski. The first thing I noticed was my ears started clearing up (one of my symptoms from systemic Candida). I also noticed my neck feeling better (old whiplash injury), my left shoulder having more mobility, less stiffness and less discomfort (from frozen shoulder), and overall I have seen an improvement in the overall pain in my body (fibromyalgia). I will be out of town thru the end of the week but plan to continue using this beautiful and magical site upon my return. Thank you all for your Divine love and light. Abundant blessings to all! :))   04/07/2012

Laura W. - I have had the pleasure of sharing in the LOVE that Master Chunyi Lin shares with the world for some time now. It has enhanced the Love that I share and the Love that I receive - unconditionally. It is so good to be able to share - my sister even calls and leaves me messages to send her Love during the day... Several animals I have done work with have healed completely too! I am so grateful for Master Lin and all the 'healers' that have joined him and give so much Love to this world. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! Laura   04/04/2012

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“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have for both are infinite.”
~ Shakespeare

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