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Guild Family - Membership


You and your immediate family can join the Guild together, save and receive all of the benefits for each member of the immediate family.

Master Lin encourages families to practice qigong together to be healthy. Practicing together works to magnify the power of healing by combining everyone’s energy with universal unconditional love, thus creating a stronger energy field.

You and Your immediate family member receives:

Monthly Practice Group Leader / Member Teleseminar: Rotating every other month between Practice Group Leader and Practice Group Members, Spring Forest Qigong Master Glenn Toby partners up with other Spring Forest Qigong Masters, Instructors, or Master Healers to give wonderful insights on topics connected with our lives and the ongoing practice of Spring Forest Qigong; and to provide insights on leadership and working with new students. The teleseminars are recorded and can be downloaded from your membership site so you could listen to it any time you want!

Monthly Local Guild Meetings that are held at St Thomas University (click here for directions) St. Paul, Minnesota.

Video Streaming - For those unable to attend the local Guild meetings, the presentations will be video-taped and posted on the Guild membership website. Your library of videos is stream-able for your viewing at any time.

Special savings:

  • 10% off on select SFQ merchandise and learning materials
  • 10% off on healing sessions at The SFQ Wellness Center
  • 10% off on phone healing sessions
  • 10% off on select SFQ sponsored classes, seminars/teleseminars, and retreats

New guild memberships are not available for purchase at this time.

Current guild members who don't have auto-renewal can renew their guild membership by calling our office at 952 593 5555 during business hours from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Central Standard Time.

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