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SFQ Your Healing Power

SFQ Level Three Class
and a Cancer Healing Workshop
with Master Chunyi Lin

By popular demand the SFQ Level 3 Class will be held in conjunction with our upcoming Cancer Healing Workshop which is on Friday, November 14, 2014
Cost: $139.00

The Spring Forest Qigong Level Three class is being held on Saturday and Sunday, November 15 & 16 2014 and is available to those who have completed Level Two.
Cost: $345.00

If you sign up for both the Cancer Healing Workshop and the Level 3 Class the total cost is $429.00 which saves you $55.00.


* Includes a light breakfast, buffet luncheon and morning and afternoon snacks and beverages.

Cancer Healing Workshop

Cancer is still a word that creates fear in so many people. But, energetically, cancer is no different than any other challenge. Cancer cells are energy like everything else and energy can always be transformed into something beautiful and healing.

The focus of this workshop is to teach you how to do that, to transform the cancer energy into something beautiful and healing.

In this cancer workshop, we are going to explore new ways to look at cancer.

  • Do you know that cancer is not a disease?
  • Do you know you have the ability to help heal cancer?
  • Do you know you can do something to help prevent cancer from happening in your life?

Cancer is our friend, not our enemy. Everyone was born with cancer cells which helps our bodies at the survival level.

Tumors form because our body has so much “garbage” and the body has to generate more cancer cells to move the “garbage” out. What we learn is how to help our cancer cells bring the body back to health again.

This workshop is for anyone who is dealing with a cancer challenge and for anyone who wants to learn how to help those who are.

Please join us for our workshop on Friday, November 14, 2014

* Includes a light breakfast, buffet luncheon and morning and afternoon snacks and beverages.

SFQ Level Three Class

In the Level Three workshop, you will learn more powerful and advanced methods of collecting universal energy as well as the advanced skills used to detect serious energy blockages such as those that cause tumors, stones, and strokes.

You will be trained to open your third eye to read others' auras, to control and spread energy, and to borrow energy from your qigong master. In Level Three you will learn to open the more serious physical and mental energy blockages. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Cancer Tumors Stress
Strokes Anxiety Anemia
Depression Stones Thyroid

A number of healing techniques will be covered, including:

  • Color and group healing
  • Purpose and techniques of fasting
  • Advanced ways to detect blockages in the body
  • More powerful methods of collecting universal energy
  • Reading a person’s aura and training for third eye opening
  • The basic theory of universal energy: the emptiness or oneness
  • Long-distance energy blockage detecting and long-distance healing techniques
  • Controlling one’s energy and helping others who have lost control of their energy
  • Advanced techniques to protect yourself and your family and increase healing power

* Includes a light breakfast, buffet luncheon and morning and afternoon snacks and beverages.

Location for both events:
Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center

1 Oak Ridge Drive
Chaska, MN 55318

Two ways to make reservations:

1. Call in at 952-368-1492, or 877-874-6772 and ask for the Spring Forest guestroom reservation room rate.

2. Visit the website at and use the
Group Code: SFQ

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