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SFQ Your Healing Power

SFQ Level Three Class
with Master Chunyi Lin

Level 3 Wednesday & Thursday April 23-24

By popular demand the Level 3 Class will be held in conjunction with our Annual International Healing Conference, being held in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The Spring Forest Qigong Level Three workshop is available to those who have completed Level Two.

Attendees for our event will be served a complimentary breakfast buffet breakfast Wednesday and Thursday morning before class begins.

Location: Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West 3131 Campus Drive | Plymouth, Minnesota 55441 | 1-877-834-3613

Click here for more information about the Crowne Plaza

In the Level Three workshop, you will learn more powerful and advanced methods of collecting universal energy as well as the advanced skills used to detect serious energy blockages such as those that cause tumors, stones, and strokes.

You will be trained to open your third eye to read others' auras, to control and spread energy, and to borrow energy from your qigong master. In Level Three you will learn to open the more serious physical and mental energy blockages. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Cancer Tumors Stress
Strokes Anxiety Anemia
Depression Stones Thyroid

A number of healing techniques will be covered, including:

  • Color and group healing
  • Purpose and techniques of fasting
  • Advanced ways to detect blockages in the body
  • More powerful methods of collecting universal energy
  • Reading a person’s aura and training for third eye opening
  • The basic theory of universal energy: the emptiness or oneness
  • Long-distance energy blockage detecting and long-distance healing techniques
  • Controlling one’s energy and helping others who have lost control of their energy
  • Advanced techniques to protect yourself and your family and increase healing power

Registration is closed for this event.

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