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Our goal is to help bring health and wellness to as many people across the globe and fulfill Founder Master Chunyi Lin's vision of a healer in every home, and a world without pain and suffering.

Spring Forest Qigong has pursued this goal since 1995 with two main paths: Teaching people how to heal themselves, and teaching people how to heal others.

Within these paths we teach Qigong techniques, Qigong healing, meditations for various purposes, food as a means for health, and many other tips on how to live healthy. We have taught our techniques to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, and at our center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota have helped to heal thousands of people dealing with all sorts of illnesses and conditions.

We believe that living a healthy and happy life is something that should be experienced by everyone, and that the moment you choose to move your energy your transformation of a better life begins.

Learn Qigong - Self Cultivation Through Qigong

One of the best ways to help yourself maintain a healthy lifestyle is to practice Qigong.

Qi means "energy" and Gong means "to work with" so simply put Qigong means working with the body's energy.

At Spring Forest Qigong we teach you how to enhance and optimize your body's energy through our own developed material as well as through classes and retreats that build off of Master Chunyi Lin's decades of study with some of the most renown Qigong masters and lineages in the world that date back thousands of years ago.

To begin on this path, we recommend studying the Head to Toe Healing book, Level 1 (Fundamentals) course, which is designed to improve your energy, and the self-healing course called 5 Element Healing Movements.

Within these 3 books are methods and exercises filled with thousands of years of ancient Qigong and Chinese medicine concepts that give the body a comprehensive approach to energy improvement. All of these materials are easy to follow, and have helped many people transform their lives. You can also take Level 1 from one of our qualified teachers by attending a live class, and practice meditations such as the Small Universe and Self Concentration for improving one's energy flow and mental clarity.

Qigong Healing - How to Learn Qigong Healing and How to Receive A Healing

Qigong healing is one of the most powerful ways to help yourself or others heal from aches and pains, conditions relating to the heart, kidneys and liver etc. and mental complications such as depression and anxiety. Regardless of the symptom they are all considered as energy blockages at their core, and when untangled allow the body to return to optimal wellness and health.

To learn how to remove energy blockages in the body you can take Level 2, which is designed to teach you basic healing techniques, or Level 3 designed to teach you more advanced techniques such as distant healing. If however you are looking to receive a healing you can book a time with our healing center with one of our many certified healers that have helped people recover from all sorts of challenges.

Qi-Filled Life As A Lifestyle

Staying healthy and fully "qi-filled" would not be complete without looking at the body holistically. At Spring Forest Qigong we also provide supplements such as Nature's Qi to help nourish your body with ample nutrients and vitamins. We also conduct teleseminars on various topics related to physical, mental and spiritual health, which can be found in the Healing Connection, in addition to recorded teleseminars such as Finding Your Soul Purpose that are geared to help guide you throughout your journey in life and along the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Moving Forward

We want the best for your health and wellness. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will make it a point to be of help in any way possible.


With Love,


Spring Forest Qigong

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